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Little Miss Sunshine: Script to Movie (Literature & Language Movie Review) (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the film and script of Little Miss Sunshine and answer the following question:
Identify five examples in which the film differs from the screenplay and Explain why these changes or edits may have been made
(Note: Only three examples can be from the first half of the script).


Little Miss Sunshine: Script to Movie
In the script of Little Miss Sunshine (2006), the family of Olive is the Harvey. They become the Hoover family in the movie. This change in the family name may be to appeal to the audience's humor more. Harvey as a family name is too simple and ordinary. Hoover would make a little variance and humoristic appeal. The Hoover family name is from the German word Huber which means a man who owns a large acre of land. This is the irony of the family name to the Hoover family. Instead of a land owning family, the Hoover is a financially struggling, dysfunctional, and identity diverse type of family.
Second, the script describes Olive as "big for her age and slightly plump". However, the movie shows Olive with an average body size of a kid with not so short height. The change in the physical appearance of the character may mean that the child actress chosen for the role looks more suitable for the character than the described Olive in the script. In the script, Olive is described to be out of the conventional beauty standard but desiring to be a star. This character portrayal is to give off the impression that Olive is not going to make it to any pageant because of her body figure. However, changing the real life Olive to an average-sized kid developed more the idea that Olive’s struggle to pageantry is not about her physical looks

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