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Okinawa: The Future of US Military Bases Review History Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Okinawa: The future of US military bases
Provide 2-page review of major arguments, portrayals, and conclusions made in the film. The review should address the following questions.
1. According to Okinawa activists, in what ways are the US military bases in Okinawa causing problems for the residents of Okinawa? What do they hope will happen if US bases are removed?
2. According to the news report, why was Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama placed in an “increasingly difficult political position”? What did Hatoyama ultimately decide?
3. What arguments were made by interviewed Japanese who were in favor of US military bases remaining in Okinawa?
4. What is your personal impression of the news report? Do you think the report covered the issue fairly and objectively? Were thee points/arguments made by the interviewed people that you found interesting, persuasive, disturbing?


Okinawa: The Future of US Military Bases Review
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Okinawa: The Future of US Military Bases Review
The location of the United States military bases on the island of Okinawa was very strategic, especially in the post-world war II environment. There was always a potential threat from the Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait to mainland Japan. There was a more recent threat by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The strong alliance between Japan and the US military was always to rebalance the defence inclination towards the Asian continent and the uncertainty surrounding the future presence of American forces in Okinawa.
Despite the necessity of having the bases in Okinawa, many residents have resisted further expansion. They even agitate for their relocation altogether. The controversies surrounding the US bases pose the questions of sustainability of the alliance between the US and Japan. The Okinawan people's grievances are not unfounded. The US military bases take up to 20% of the island's arable land. The activists worry that, with growing populations and restricted areas for the military bases, the island is getting congested by the day.

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