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Nixon’s China Game History Movie Review Research Paper (Movie Review Sample)


Provide 2 page review of major arguments, portrayals, and conclusions made in the film. The review should address the following questions.
Nixon’s China Game: DVD 9460 https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=tv29UF4IL4w
1. In the documentary, what were Nixon’s and Mao’s motivations for seeking US-China diplomatic normalization?
2. What were some challenges Chinese and US officials faced in their attempts to achieve successful Nixon’s visit to China?
3. At their meeting, why did Nixon tell Mao, “As a rightist, I can do things that leftist politicians can only talk about”?
4. What is your personal impression of the film (quality, message?)
Your review mentions US/Nixon's motivation for seeking normalization with China. But What about China/Mao's motivation? What was China/Mao's motivation for seeking normalization with US? This was not mentioned in your review. Also were there incidences before, or during Nixon's visit to China, that caused problems for US/Chinese officials trying to organize the visit?


Nixon’s China Game
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Nixon’s China Game
In the documentary, what were Nixon’s and Mao’s motivations for seeking US-China diplomatic normalization?
The primary motivation for Nixon and Mao’s pursuit of diplomatic normalization was to improve the cultural contact between the two countries. Besides, Nixon’s inspiration was to establish plans for a permanent United States trade mission in China (Kenneally, 2017). Both leaders wanted to prevent the division and control of China by Russia. Additionally, Nixon and Mao’s motivations for developing diplomatic normalization ease the trade restrictions that barred each country from trading freely. In this case, Nixon and Mao intended to create an open trade policy. In the 1960s, China was experiencing a changing security crisis. Therefore, an improvement in American relations seemed most plausible for both Nixon and Mao.

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