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Narrative Essay, Rain Man Is A 1988 Movie Review / Analysis (Movie Review Sample)


This essay required to be composed by the description of an artifact and analysis of theories(from book) that are related to the artifact.
The chosen theories should be presented by the artifact; roles,instance and characters.
According to my writing skill level~ The essay would best be in high school level writing, but in terms of the goal of this essay, the context should be in deep thinking, which means reasonable analysis is significant as when the professor grade it.
Additional Info: The artifact is movie-"Rain Man"
The book named "What is an ethical life"(I can email it to you~)
The the theory is From page 56-74 The article wrote by Lawrence Kohlberg (The six moral stages)
The professor advised that I could use the 6 stages and write about self perception, but I did not find out where the self perception is. you can use every theory from the book, but this article is recommended by professor, especially the six moral stages
there is a rubric for the essay. (I can email it you) ~ and The six moral stages are from 65


Movie Review/Analysis
Movie Review/Analysis
Rain Man is a 1988 movie that was directed by Barry Levinson. Levinson is indeed a genius because few directors, if any, have managed to create such a masterpiece. A significant portion of the world's population would rightly argue that disabilities are stressful, and so are the daily financial problems people often find themselves in. Combining these two successfully is no mean feat, and Levinson deserves a lot of credit because he not only proved cynics wrong but also made sure that he won the hearts of many critics. One critic by the name Elliot Panek had the following to say about the movie: “This is a quiet, understated gem of a film, one that richly rewards the patient viewer with an unforgettable emotional experience.” However, other reviewers also felt that Hoffman (Raymond) and Tom Cruise (Charlie) gave their best in the film. For example, Emma Cochrane said, “Hoffman and Cruise give signature performances in this thoughtful, and hugely enjoyable, classic.” Everything in the movie gelled well and the actors completed the director's prowess.
The movie tells the story of two brothers, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). The two were completely different and also had different personalities and perceptions about life. On the one hand, Charlie was a despicable, unlikable, and materialistic individual who only thought about himself. He was driven by the desire to make money and everything had a price for him. Conversely, Raymond was an autistic individual who had a high-functioning brain as well, as an excellent memory recall. However, he was not in touch with the world and seemed to understand less or even take notice of what people are doing. Raymond was also afraid of change and always adhered to strict routines. He was oblivious to the world or their views of him and most of the time never understood what was said to him. The two brothers were separated wh

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