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Synthesizing Sources - Four Movie Reviews Of Steve Jobs


you are reading four movie reviews of the movie Steve Jobs. The reviews are from Ann Hornaday, Rex Reed, Benjamin Lee, and Anthony Lane.
After perusing the four movie reviews, please complete the following tasks:
The four reviewers do not agree on their evaluation of the acting in the film.
1. First, analyze all four reviewers and, for each reviewer, write at least one summary sentence describing what the review says about the acting in the film. In addition, for each reviewer, quote the reviewer at least one time to demonstrate the sentiment he or she expresses about the acting.
Ann Hornaday-
Summary statement:
Quote from this reviewer to support the summary statement:
Rex Reed-
Summary statement:
Quote from this reviewer to support the summary statement:

Benjamin Lee-
Summary statement:
Quote from this reviewer to support the summary statement:

Anthony Lane -
Summary statement:
Quote from this reviewer to support the summary statement:
2. Then, write three or four short paragraphs that synthesize all four reviewers and the points they make on the acting in the film. Remember, when synthesizing, you don't simply list what each author says about the topic. You write about the issue of acting in the film and integrate the points of all four reviewers into that analysis.
You could group authors into categories, if possible. For example, consider the reviewers that tend to praise the acting and write about them in a paragraph or two. Then consider the reviewers that did not like the acting and write about them in a paragraph or two. Following this analysis, you might write a concluding paragraph that summarizes all four reviewers' views on the acting.
Below are the four movie reviews listed in the order in the same order above.
Ann Hornaday
Rex Reed
Benjamin Lee
Anthony Lane


Synthesizing sources -- four movie reviews of "Steve Jobs."
Institutional affiliation
Analysis of the four reviewers
Ann Hornaday
Summary statement: The review considers the movie a stimulating experience that presents a transformative experience of Steve Job’s life.
Quote: ““Steve Jobs” creates an impressionistic inner portrait, a Shakespearean character study in three tautly constructed acts in which Jobs’ contradictions, demons, and most searing primal wounds are revealed in always peeling layers” (Hornaday, 2015, Oct 15).
Rex Reed
Summary statement: The review argues that the movie is perplexing, lacks consistency and fails to depict the actual character of the main character.
Quote: “If you are interested in the rags-to-riches story of the late Steve Jobs, the tech nerd who devoted his life to the digital revolution and self-destructed in the process, then stay away from the cold, bloodless and incomprehensible movie with the cut-the-crap-and-get-to-the-point title Steve Jobs” (Reed, 2015, Oct 10).
Benjamin Lee
Summary statement: The review views the movie as a failure based on the character and manner of work by the director Danny Boyle, whom it considers unfit for the script.
Quote: “Sorkin’s profoundly heightened sense of drama works best when the stakes are equally aligned but, despite the film constantly informing you of just how incredibly important everything ...
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