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Pakiusap Philippines By Octavo Silos Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the film Pakiusap (1940). Note the Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Sound and Music, Mis-n-scene. Write your reflection about the film. Critique the film taking into consideration the technical disadvantage and the conditions and state of technology of film making at that time (1940).Broadly, what do you like and don't like about the film? Support your answer with tenable evidence. Give a summary of the movie. What is the theme of the movie? this is the link of the movie


Pakiusap movie review
The movie Pakiusap was produced in the late 1940’s in the Philippines by Octavo Silos. The movie is about two men Don Andres and his son Ernesto, who both fall in love with the daughter of one of their farm workers. However, Mang Teong is a principled man who works in the hacienda owned by Don Andres. He does not like the idea of her employers are falling in love with her daughter and warns her daughter about it, but Ernesto disgusted himself as a farmer to get close to Amparing. Ernesto and Amparing fell in love. Meanwhile, Don Andres fired her father from the hacienda because Amping refused to receive gifts from Don Andres in exchange for Amparing's hand in marriage.
When Amparing's father was in jail, and her mother was ill, she had no choice but to ma...
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