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Koyaanisqatsi: Glimpse Of The Changes In The Society (Movie Review Sample)


Write in the example mode provided in the textbook I provided. In the attachment, the movie name is called Koyaanisqatsi. The movie can be viewed on youtubeю Normal movie has only one screen. This is a clip issue for him.


The movie Koyaanisqatsi is one that offers the audience a glimpse of the changes that have taken place in the society and the way that these changes have impacted the way people interact with the environment (Gooner, 2015). From the start of the film, there is a glimpse of the Stone Age and the drawings that the people that lived then put on the walls of the cave. This is a common element that is associated with the fact that, the older generations before civilization had a special relationship that they nurtured with nature. Then came civilization and now it is a chaotic scene everywhere one looks. Industrial revolution came with the colonization of natural resources at rates that have now turned exploitative and the impacts have already started showing with some of the impacts even causing harm to the environment and thus affecting negatively the quality of life (CHAPTER 10 Documentary, Experimental, and Animated Films, n.d.). Today, people rarely have the time to even interact with one another. They are busy with their daily activities that have turned them into zombies. As scene on the streets, there is an element of zombie effects that can be seen even in the way that people like sheep across the streets pretending to be busy. At the end of the film, there is reference to a can of ashes that will fall from the sky burn the lands and boil the seas. This is in reference to the rocket that explodes and spins endlessly, as to mimic the state of life in the society. The level of imagery in the film is just staggering and gives the audience a rather insightful thought about how they are living their lives.
Stone Age Entry
At the start of the film is the introduction of the drawing on the walls of cave that are associated with the way that the people before the days of civilization lived. This is then followed up by a scene of a rocket that is taking off. A closer evaluation of the differences between the two scenes builds on the imagery that is associated with the older generations being in touch with nature at a more intimate level (Gooner, 2015). The other scene with the rocket, while it may be viewed as progress and growth, it is a chaotic scene that represents the disruptive nature of the developmen

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