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Fruitvale Station in the United States Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


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Fruitvale Station
Black people make up about 13.3 percent of the United States population while the whites represent 77 percent of the United States. However in the state prisons there exist a large number of black men that the white men. Reports suggest that the presence of racism in the criminal justice system of the state could be the primary reason for the overrepresentation of the black men in the United States prisons as compared to the white men. In the year 2003, for instance, it was reported that the number of black men in the state’s prisons for drug abuse offenses was 12 times more compared to the number of white men despite the fact that both white men and black men sell drugs at the same rate (Puglise,2016). Another reason that explains the high rate of black men in the prisons compared to the white men is that black men are 31 more percent likely to be stopped by police during routine traffic stops as compared to the white men. However, black men have been engaging in campaigns to demand the equal treatment of white and black men.
Some laws in the United States have been charged for being racially discriminatory. Some of the laws include racial profiling, stand your ground law, stop and frisk law. Racial profiling is the practice by the law authorities of aiming people for suspicion of a criminal act based on the people’s race. It is considered discriminatory because in the most cases race is the factor used in that suspicion and most instances, the blacks, and the minority groups are more suspected of a crime than the white men ( Dumont et al. 2013). Stand your ground is a justification in criminal lawsuit whereby the accused can stand their ground without withdrawing to guard and defend themselves. It is considered discriminatory because when whites utilize defense of stand your ground against the black attackers, they are likely to be fruitful but when the blacks use the defense on the white attackers, they in most cases not fruitful (king, 2013). Stop and frisk law is the practice of the police officers in the United States where they for a short time detain, interrogate civilians and sometimes it might involve the search of individuals on the streets for items that could cause harm. It is considered discriminatory because it mainly targets the blacks and the minority groups.
Fruitvale Station is a film based on Oscar Grant’s true story, and it has managed to accurately portray the incident on the train platform by depicting a sequence of events that are exactly what happened in the real event. There exist a similarity between the film and the real event. In the real event, Oscar Grant had engaged in a fight with David Horowitch after a long argument (Taylor, 2013). The same thing has been depicted in the film as it has starred Michael b Jordan as Oscar Grant and Joey Oglesby as David Horowitch who also engages in a fight following an argument on a train platform. Another similarity is that in both other individuals that were in the train also got involved in the fight. The difference...
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