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Season Premiere Commercial Survey Research Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


September is traditionally the launch of the new fall season on broadcast television. One of the most-anticipated new shows of the 2017-18 season is Young Sheldon. The show's series preview airs at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, September 25, on CBS stations, including WTTV in the Indianapolis market. The program is a spinoff of and prequel to CBS' longtime hit, The Big Bang Theory.
The Assignment:
Watch the over-the-air broadcast as it airs or on delay. Identify the three commercials between 8:30 and 9 p.m. you found most effective, the three you found least effective, and the top three CBS programs promoted on-air during the show. The more explanation as to why you chose the commercials you did, the higher your grade. Finally, research the average Nielsen rating of the show for its premiere. If you cannot watch or record the show, please find a classmate who can record it for you.
Please put your name in the file name of your assignment. The report will probably fit on one page and can be submitted as a Word doc or PDF to the Assignments area on Canvas.
The video will be send by e-mail.


Television Shows
Television Shows
Advertising is one the most common way that media houses make their revenue, however it also one of the most annoying few seconds that viewers have to endure. However some of the adverts tend to be quite impressive and well timed. During the Young Sheldon show there are some impressive ones on CBS. This is the case with the Indeed, which is a job advert. This is well timed considering the fact that most of the people at this hour have relaxed and mostly pondering about their day as they relax. The other advert that stands during the show is Walmart's Straight Talk, which quite short and straight to the point. This is essentially one the best qualities of the adv

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