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Movie Review: Gerhard Richter Painting (Movie Review Sample)


Short Reflections. With cach new film, compose a half-page single-spaced paragraph that:

a. Identifies an attribute or element of film form

b. Identifies an aspect of content—a problem or issue at play in the diegesis of the film

c. Identifies a warrant (or connection) between a. (form) and b. (content)

During the semester, hand in four Short Reflections that formalize these notes

2. Turn one of the Short Reflections into a fuller 1,000 words (max) Term Essay
3. Take-home midterm (short essays)

i. reply to prompts
ii. handed out Week Eight
iii. due Week Nine — as print out

4. Self-Assessment

i. single-spaced paragraph, 300 words max

ii. reply to two-part prompt

iii. due in class as print-out Week Fourteen


Movie Review
Author Name
University Name
Gerhard Richter Painting sheds light on the lifestyle of one of the best and most famous painters, Gerhard Richter, who is originally from Germany but has spent many years in the United States, experimenting with numerous painting ideas and techniques and addressing mass media representations, historical crises, and exploration of chance procedures. That's the main attribute of the movie as it talks about how many problems this artist faced and they dealt with those numerous issues in a better way (Belz & Richter, 2012).
The main issue at the diegesis of Gerhard Richter Painting is when we see a series of abstract canvasses are created with the help of fat brushes. Its mesmerizing footage eventually turns Belz's portrait of a painter into a work of art itself, and this is what makes this movie unique yet

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