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A Filming Assignment And Movie Review On Snowden Film (Movie Review Sample)


This is a filming genre assignment. The instructions will be as attachments pictures


Movie Review: Snowden
Movie Review: Snowden
The movie Snowden has been described as one of the best films by Oliver Stone. Stone is not new to the industry and is on most occasions accorded the respect that is reserved for the greats only. Whenever there is news of him directing or taking part in a movie’s screenplay, a wave of excitement often engulfs the fans. The same can be said about Snowden a movie which delves into the mucky waters of the story about surveillance whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The lead character in the movie is Joseph Gordon-Levitt whose exceptional acting also helped to make the movie a masterpiece. Stone is not new to conventional biopics and two of his movies, JFK and Wall Street, are also highly rated. As a cinematic auteur, the expectations were indeed high for Stone and having watched the movie, it is reasonable to say that he did not disappoint.
Snowden is relatively the best biopic thriller that was released in 2016. Thrillers often embrace mystery, feelings of anxiety, excitement, surprise, as well as suspense. In Snowden, the suspense is indeed the pinnacle of the movie. For people who are unfamiliar with the 2013 leak of classified government documents, this movie provides them with an overwhelming suspense that keeps one on the edge of their seat. It, therefore, embraces all the major characteristics of a thriller.
The movie is solely about the intensive spying that the American government has been doing in the past decade. As per the movie, the US government has been surveying its citizens more than it has been doing to the foreigners. Surveillance by the government was a thorny issue during the Obama administration, and in as much as the government tried to justify their actions, they always seem to fall short. Intruding into a person’s privacy is not something that elicits positive remarks and being a private person, this movie felt relevant to me and am sure to millions more.
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