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Non-GMO Food is better than GMO. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is both educate and convince an audience.
At least 1 naysayer rebuttal and 1 emotional appeal.
A logical, integrated and purposeful structure/organization.
Effective use and incorporation of evidence.
Properly formatted MLA citations, both in-text and on works cited page.
effective introduction and conclusion.
Ability to effectively argue and support one’s position with focus, clarity, etc.
5 paged double spaced pages.


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Non-GMO Food is better than GMO
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), also known as organisms including, plants, animals, or microbes in which the genetic makeup (DNA) changes such that it does not happen obviously through breeding or natural recombination. It allows the transfer of separate genes from one creature to another. Foods that are produced using genetically modified organisms are called GMO foods. Non-genetically modified food has not been changed or engineered in any manner. Genetically modified foods are developed because they have some alleged advantages to the consumer. However, genetically modified foods pose a severe threat to people and the national food security of different countries. Biotechnology offers a diversity of possible benefits and dangers. It has improved food production by making the crops less susceptible to drought, pests, and viruses and enabling plants to compete effectively with weeds. 

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