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Social Science Assignment. Topic: Green Technology. Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper should be based on the Thesis that was chosen in the bibliography paper I will attach.
The point form essay plan is 1-2 pages long and maps out the argument for the thesis you have chosen using bullet points.
The point form essay plan is designed to do two things:
1. Present the thesis statement for your essay in argumentative form
2. Present a point form version of the argument you will use for your essay
3. Note the points in the plan with an [A] for argument, [E] for evidence and [T] for 

Point Form Essay Plan

Once you have completed your annotated bibliography you will have a listing of sources and a thesis statement. The thesis statement for the annotated bibliography doesn't have to be argumentative, but the point form plan and essay thesis statements do have to be argumentative.
The point form essay plan is designed to do two things:1. Present the thesis statement for your essay in argumentative form2. Present a point form version of the argument you will use for your essay3. Note the points in the plan with an [A] for argument, [E] for evidence and [T] for thesis
The point form plan should outline your major argument points and refer to the evidence you will use in the essay.
Note that you don't have to know exactly what you will use for evidence when you write the plan, just what sort of evidence you plan to look for. Of course, ideally you will have the points of evidence by the time you have the plan together, as you have been doing research, but sometimes you know what evidence you need and haven’t found it yet.
Here's an example of what I have in mind.
 TOPIC: Argue for or against the use of computers in the classroom.
Point form PlanThesis: Computers should be allowed in the classroom as some students need them, but there should be rules about their proper use. [T]
1. Computers were not needed to take notes for many years in the past [A]- Handwriting and recordings have been used to take notes in university settings [E]- Handwriting has been shown to be a more effective way of retaining information [E]
2. Computers can be distracting in the classroom [A]- Studies have shown lower performance from students who use computers in the classroom due to distraction [E]- Studies have shown lower performance from students who are near other students who use computers in the classroom due to distraction [E]
3. Nonetheless, denying students the use of computers in the classroom creates disadvantages for many students, which is not fair [A]- The use of computers in the classroom in public school has led many students to become reliant on them to take notes [E]- The widespread use of computers outside the classroom has led many students to lose the ability to write in cursive [E]
4. The solution is to have rules for the use of computer technology, so the disadvantages can be minimized and the advantages maximized [A]- Studies have shown that shutting off notifications and using only a note-taking program can minimize the distractions of computer use [E]- There is also evidence that implementing rules in the classroom can curb these distractions [E]
5. ConclusionPermitting computers in the classroom along with strong rules surrounding their use is fair for students who are unskilled at handwritten note taking while minimizing their negative, distracting  impacts [T]
 A few clarifications:A. You don’t need to have four points of argument, you can have more or less, as many as are needed to establish your thesis. I would expect more than one argument point for most essays though, it’s pretty rare to have a one point argument.
B. You don’t need two points of evidence for every argumentative point, that’s what I had here, but it isn’t a requirement nor a limit. Generally speaking the more evidence the better, but only if there is a strong connection between the evidence and the point of argument. 
C. Note that the conclusion is basically a restated version of the thesis, put at the end to summarize the argument
RubricArgumentative thesis related to the topics provided - 2 marksPoint form argument for that thesis - 3 marksPoints of evidence for each point of argument - 3 marksClearly written - 2 marks
Total: 10 marks


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Green Technology
Topic: Green Technology
Thesis: Green technology fosters sustainable environmental conservation, economic growth and development, and promotes human health now and in the future (T).
1. Green technology can eliminate the most significant problem that faces the planet, which is global warming (A).
* In particular, it is a clean technology that constitutes renewables sources of energy (E).
* Green technology prevents environmental pollution since it facilitates the recycling of waste products (Ishak et al. 8559) (E).

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