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Chinese Cinema and Society final paper Social Sciences Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Chinese Cinema and Society
Fall 2019
Final Paper Topics
The end of term paper is designed to welcome artistic, creative, and critical thinking. It celebrates a semi-open format and offers students liberty to choose and write about what seems the most intellectually intriguing and relatable.
With this kind of philosophy in mind, please write an 8-page (double-spaced) term paper and focus on at least 2 of the following themes presented in 2 (or more) of the films included in the 2nd half of the semester: post-Mao urban transformation, money economy, passage of time, pursuit of materialism, freedom, and happiness. You are also permitted to add additional themes according to your preference. In the meantime, please analyze and contextualize the cinematography, representation, and styles of each production mentioned in your paper.
films included in the 2nd half of the semester: The Wedding Banquet (directed by Ang Lee), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (directed by Ang Lee), Unknown Pleasures/任逍遥 (2003) (directed by JIA Zhangke), Last Train Home/ 归途列车 (2010, directed by FAN Lixin), Mr. Six/老炮儿 (2015) (directed by Guan Hu),Dragonfly eyes/蜻蜓之眼(2017) (directed by Xu Bing)
Important Guidelines:
You are required to cite the class readings properly and include authors, titles of the readings, and page numbers in the reference or cited works section. Citation styles may vary and please feel free to follow MLA or Chicago styles. [Example link: http://sites(dot)umuc(dot)edu/library/libhow/mla_examples.cfm]
class readings are attached.


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Chinese Cinema and Society.
Society is dynamic. There are numerous variations and complexities in the way of lives of people living in a particular community. People have different lifestyles, principles, perceptions, concepts, and perspectives on various matters, especially on the issue of gender and sexuality. In China, in the last thirty years, discussions on gender and sexuality have become an increasingly significant area of inquiry in various academic disciplines. In the field of cinema, literature, and culture, the matter has been focused on the female gender. However, as an emerging field, in the study of same-sex sexuality, scholars have begun to emphasize the male gender. Taiwanese literature has represented their thoughts on homosexuality in films, and there is no representation in the 1990s, movies that were created on the topic in the 21st century were arguably transitional (Lim 27). Since cinema is rendered the fast-rising and most efficient area of analysis, modern contemporary Chinese films have represented the theme of sexuality in different ways, as shown in the study of the movie below.

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