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Service Economy in India Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


5. Service Economy in India
“1-800-India” is a documentary about how call centers (and by extension, other such outsourced jobs) are bringing, economic, social changes to India. Even some archaic labor laws were changed. While watching, consider how some of the cultural and social practices we talked about such as arranged marriages, gender roles, son preference etc might be affected by the changing economic opportunities. Write a short essay discussing how these companies established in India, what kind of challenges they faced and what kind of social and economic changes they brought to the country.
“1-800-India” (You need to be logged in to your Hofstra account to watch)
Read: Twenty Years of India’s Liberalization: (Read Chapter-1: Overview)
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1-800- India
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1-800- India
The critical aspect of India’s swift economic proliferation at the verge of the 21st century is its instigation and implementation of policies enhancing global outsourcing jobs. According to the dramatic documentary ‘1-800- India’, outsourcing is described as external contractors who are hired to supply services to an organization whereby certain corporate operations are moved out of a company and in lieu of the services. The external recipient of the organizations depicted in the movie was either located in India or western countries. In India, organizations that supplied contract services to multinational organizations are commonly alluded to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations. Undoubtedly, the ‘1-800- India' indicates that the business process outsourcing companies link the people to their past, present, and future. Exceptionally, India provides multiple beneficial cooperate factors that enhanced the establishment of these companies throughout the verge of the 21st century.

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