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Concept of Religion, Science and Conspiracy on Extraterrestrials (Essay Sample)


Summary & Synthesis Essay.
In this project, we have carefully read and discussed ongoing debates about extraterrestrials as a lens to interrogate belief and evidence. Examining a variety of ways of thinking about extraterrestrials, such as religious, scientific, and conspiratorial, we have delved into a larger discussion about what constitutes credible evidence. What kinds of evidence should inform our beliefs? In what ways should we use evidence to create knowledge? To what degree do we draw from the irrational to create our beliefs? Why do we do this? As these questions relate to extraterrestrials, we can ask: why do some people believe in them whereas others remain skeptical? What do extraterrestrials and believing in them reflect about who we are? To write your Summary &Synthesis essay, articulate a level-3 question that you see highlighted in and relevant to this conversation. Use your question to shape a conversation between at least three authors.

A successful essay will be organized effectively around a clearly articulated question or idea; will summarize arguments concisely and accurately; will articulate clear connections between authors’ ideas; will make good use of textual evidence via quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing; and will be clearly written.
1.Develop critical reading strategies for analyzing and responding to academic texts;
2.Use writing as a means of critical inquiry;
3.Find and use evidence from multiple sources;
4.Formulate an argument that engages in larger academic conversations;
5.Advance a clear claim;
6.Utilize organizational structures and language conventions appropriate to an academic audience;
4 pages.
The available information is a total of 8 articles, select at least 3 of them to write this essay. 10 days


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Summary and Synthesis Essay
Concept of Religion, Science and Conspiracy on Extraterrestrials
The existence of extraterrestrials is a divisive topic. The critical question is, to which extent does religion, science, skepticism, and conspiracies explain, support, or disapprove the phenomenon of extraterrestrials? Shermer (129-134) provides us with a glimpse of skepticism and science’s roles in shaping beliefs, which also applies to extraterrestrials. Shermer elaborately argues that any notion, whether scientific or not, should be treated with skepticism. Irving and Brookesmith (115-117) argue the issue of extraterrestrials may be an art of hoax and maybe lacking evidence, but its allure is quite astonishing and magical. Professor Diana Pasulka dismissed the existence of extraterrestrials but extrapolated the relationships between religion and science and U.F.O. s (Illing, 123-128). Heaney (141-141) believes unidentified flying objects or extraterrestrials are not real, are just for fun, and there are ‘there’ to create uniqueness. This paper will summarize and synthesize critical arguments from the four authors. In the whole argument, there is overarching evidence that supports skepticism towards the existence of aliens or extraterrestrials.
In the article, A skeptical manifesto, Shermer (129-134) raises valid concerns on skepticism and science. Shermer weaves series of stories that were unproven and fallacious, yet they were being fronted as scientific and credible. 

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