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The Experiences of Muslim Women in Canada Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


I have attached all the information needed, please email me for further questions or if you are looking for any other attachments that may not have been uploaded. I'm aiming to get 80% and above so if possible please make the paper according to that. This essay is worth 35%.


In the second essay, you have to answer the question below. The question is based on the readings, lecture slides and video clips assigned for week 10, week 11 and week 12. The second essay is out of 35% marks as it is replacing the group poster presentation (15%) and final exam (20%). This essay is focusing on the important section of the course: the experiences of Muslim women in Canada.   

Question 1: 20 marks (1000-1200) words excluding title and references)

Discuss how Muslim women have been at the centre of contemporary debates about secularism and multiculturalism in Canada, using the examples of

  1. Sharia Law debate
  2. Honour killing (media coverage of Aqsa Pervez’s death)
  3. Discrimination against Muslim women


Guideline of the Essay


Question 1: 20 marks (1000-1200) words excluding title and references)

Discuss how Muslim women have been at the centre of contemporary debates about secularism and multiculturalism in Canada, using the examples of

  1. Sharia Law debates
  2. Honour killing (media coverage of Aqsa Pervez’s death)
  3. Discrimination against Muslim women


Zine, J. (2009). Special feature article: Unsettling the nation: Gender, race and muslim cultural politics in Canada. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism9(1), 146-163.


2. Haque, E. (2010). Homegrown, Muslim and other: Tolerance, secularism and the limits of multiculturalism. Social Identities16(1), 79-101. [22 pages]


Lecture: Week 10 (MUSLIM WOMEN IN CANADA-1)

Video clips:

Muslims in Canada: Anti-Islamic sentiment a growing concern

Being Muslim in Canada

In the Name of Honour: Honour killing tradition broken down


Outline of the answer


Explain the notion of Canadian secularism and multiculturalism in Canada and describe how the debates on Muslim women indicate the limit of secularism and multiculturalism by providing examples on A (Sharia Law), B (honour killing) and C (discrimination)


A: For example, the debates on Sharia law show how Islamic laws are seen as inappropriate for practicing in Canada not because there are issues with Sharia law but because the Muslim culture is seen incompatible with Canadian culture. This debate contradicts the very notion of multiculturalism (Zine 2009; Haque 2010).


B: Similarly, the media representation of Aqsa Pervez’s death as ‘Honor killing’ not as a result of domestic violence that is common in many families, and the narratives that are used to represent Muslims as barbaric and uncivilized Canadian citizens also indicate how the core concept of multiculturalism is not applicable with regard to Muslims in Canada (Zine 2009; Haque 2010).


C: There negative attitude and discrimination towards Muslims and Muslim women is evident in Canada. For example, Muslim women are more educated but engage in less paid jobs compared to other Canadian women. Abacus Data Inc. survey shows that 46% people in Canada think that there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims, and 54% mentioned there is a lot of discrimination against Muslim women compared to 38% who mentioned a lot of discrimination against Muslim men. The survey indicates how Muslims, particularly Muslim women in Canada are subjected to Islamophobia. In addition, the Niqab ban in Quebec also indicates the discriminatory attitude towards Muslim women (week 10 lecture slide).  


In conclusion, describe why the representation of Muslim women as victims of the culture, the ban on Niqab, and Islamophobia contradicts the very notion of Multiculturalism in Canada.  


General Requirements


Word limit: 1000-1200 words for the first question, excluding the title and references.


Study materials: Use the assigned readings, video clips and lecture slides. If you want you can use other sources but using other sources is not mandatory. List the references at the end of the essay (not at the end of each answer).


Answer: while answering the questions indicate which question you are answering. You can write the whole question or just mention Question 1


Structure, content and use of course readings:

  • Structure: introduction, objective, analysis, examples and conclusions. Follow the answer outline I have provided above.
  • Use assigned course readings adequately. Add 1-2 interesting quotes in each answer. Use the authors’ names and summarize their main arguments.  
  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with the author(s) regarding specific ideas. Be critical instead of describing the answer. 

Grammar and References

  • Edit the essay properly and make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes.
  • Add a bibliography, in the end, using one of the main citation styles and be consistent with your citation style.
  • Provide an in-text citation when you explain an author’s idea. Provide page number(s) for quotations.





The Experiences of Muslim Women in Canada
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Question 1: Discuss how Muslim women have been at the centre of contemporary debates about secularism and multiculturalism in Canada.
Some western societies struggle to take a stand on the position of Islam and its symbols in their cultural spaces. Islamic identities in Canada face various challenges in the multicultural context. While human rights bodies and individuals advocate for equal consideration of religions and cultures, some governments and societies differ a lot with some Islamic beliefs and symbols. There have been some contemporary debates regarding Muslim women on the aspects of Canadian multicultural politics. Liberal multiculturism upholds religious freedom, while liberal democratic states protect spiritual practices and beliefs. It is evident from previous studies that minorities supposedly manage to cope with the system provided they match up to the country's secular understanding of religion (Omar, Abdullah, 2011).
Shariah Law.

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