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The red tent essay. Religion & Theology Assignment (Essay Sample)


We see Dinah grow from childhood to old age. Discuss how she changes and matures. What are some significant events that take her from childhood to adulthood? What lessons does she learn from life? If you had to pick a single word to describe the sum of her life, what word would you choose? How would Dinah describe her own life journey?
book "the red tent"


The Red Tent
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The Red Tent
Dinah is loved and spoiled and sometimes uses this attention she gets from Leah and Rachel to her advantage. She is the only and first daughter of Leah. As she grew up among brothers, she preferred staying at her mother's knees to help train her on cooking and manage the campsite. Despite the much love she gets from the rest of her brothers, Simon and Levi treated her unfairly. She learned a lot from always observing her family's dynamics. It is from her mothers that she learned calmness exhibited when she lost her son. She, over time, grows from being a passive girl who relied on her mothers to the independent type. 

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