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Hip Hop Culture In The United States Of America (Essay Sample)


* how that culture to be in the US
*misunderstood of this culture
* main reasons it became mainstream/ or why not became mainstream in the US
*how sociologists talk about it


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Topic: Hip hop Culture
Hip Hop Culture in the United States
During the period of the late 1900's, hip hop as a subculture and art movement was prominently developed in New York City, United States. It has been stated that the geneses of this word ‘hip-hop' are significantly uncertain. From a broader perspective, the word hip hop is mostly used in regards to refers entirely to hip hop music. However, hip hop is most commonly categorized by nine elements, but there are only four key elements consist of Djing, MCing, b-boying, and graffiti, which are deliberated most crucially to comprehend hip-hop musically. As observed, hip-hop culture in the United States is arguably one of the utmost essential phenomena of the two centuries; 20th and 21st, influencing the lives of various people (Richardson, p. 130). The United States is considered as one of the most impacted and affected countries by hip hop culture and genre. Thus, it is vital to understand that hip hop is not just about music. It is most importantly an exceptional era of the subculture where music, art, language, and fashion has converted deeply potholed with symbols that became constant, comprehensive and pervasive. Furthermore, this paper entails an in-depth analysis of hip hop culture in America, the misunderstanding of hip hop culture, its main reasons why Hip Hop became mainstream and the perspective of sociologists on hip hop culture.
Hip hop culture in the U.S.
Hip hop culture is considered a common subculture practiced and utilized in the United States for a few decades. The culture has had an irresistible impact on the community of black in the United States, along with society as a whole. Hip-hop is not just measured as music, but it is a prominent culture. More than last three decades, Hip hop has significantly impacted and uplifted the United States, speaking up for various age groups and offering an expression to a number of individuals trying to convey a message. However, there are few antagonists of the culture as hip hop found arguing that the music is destructive in terms of nature and it further encourages social rebellion. On the other hand, stimulating stanzas do not contradict the fact that hip hop is a speaking channel for several individuals living in America. Furthermore, hip hop culture has offered a helpful podium specifically for presenters and rappers so that they can express and convey their views about society. Hence, this particular channel is critical in terms of inspiring for the black community and would advantage the public completely if individuals conflicting to Hip Hop tried to hold the culture rather than outbreak the values of a culture (Pough, n.d).
Moreover, the late 20th century decade has been viewed as simply referred to as ‘the nineties' marked extensive social modifications in the history and social culture of America. An instance of effective yet innovative developments that significantly took place in the nineties focuses on the progression of the Hip hop culture. The antiquity of this particular culture stems from the awareness of the black community within America. In addition, the hip-hop culture is can be prominently perceived as a direct reaction to the socio-economic concerns that initiated from that antiquity. The black community, along with other traditionally disregarded groups, twisted dissatisfaction from inequalities into productive and effective objection through the reformation of social assertiveness and prospects by means of musical expression. Therefore, the period of the late eighties viewed the origin of this particular musical movement, but the dynamism and authentication connected with Hip Hop music mainly e...

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