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Creating A Culture Of Well-Being: HR Management (Research Paper Sample)


A topic is "Creating a culture of well-being". Two articles have been selected. Complete the content according to the Evaluation Marking Scheme. The topic of this article is employee engagement and wellness programs. The contents of the book have been captured. Please contact the article and the book content.


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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to the formal systems which are used in an organization with the purpose of recruiting, managing and providing directions to all the workers in an organization. This organizational department is mostly involved with staffing, designing work and employee compensation among other essential activities. There are several current issues which are related to human resource management such as creating a culture of well-being which revolves around workers' happiness and working safely. A culture of well-being is important for every organization because it results in high employee retention and increased productivity. This paper outlines two peers reviewed journals and analyzes how the articles explain the concept of creating a culture of well-being.
Summary of the articles
Matt, Houghton. "Making the link between mental health and disability management." Canadian HR Reporter, 27 Nov. 2017: 23.
This article provides critical information which relates to employee well-being. The author outlines that the increase in employee benefits cost is a major challenge to many organizations since it negatively affects an organization's efforts to stay competitive. Additionally, the author states that it is essential for employers to note the impact that mental health claims have on the total benefits costs. According to a report by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), mental illness attributes about 70 percent of the disability costs, which are reported in a workplace, and a third of short-term and long-term disability claims are associated with mental health conditions (Houghton, p. 23).
According to MHCC, about five hundred thousand Canadians are affected by mental health conditions and are therefore unable to work (Houghton, p. 23). Workers who have been reported with short-term disability claims are at greater risks of developing long-term mental disabilities thus becoming mental health claimants. The issues related to mental health problems need to be addressed because when the working population is affected by these conditions them employers account for huge losses. MHCC reports that Canadian employers have registered a loss of more than $6 billion for the last five years because of high turnover and absenteeism resulting from these mental problems.
The author notes that mental health conditions are complex for the employers to manage them effectively, sometimes employers find it difficult and uncomfortable discussing the mental health conditions of an employee. On the other side, employees also find disturbing and upsetting talking about the mental illness because of fear of being discriminated and being dismissed.
The author explains some of the measures that employers can implement to enhance the mental wellness of their employees and prevent mental health conditions. Some of the techniques which employers may apply in enhancing the well-being of their employees include educating employees about the importance of participating in programs which support their mental welfare, such as physiotherapy and employee family assistance initiatives (Houghton, p. 23). Additionally, employers should also have an open mind about mental disability and discuss with employees about their mental problems. This may help in reducing stigmatization and may also help the employees to feel comfortable.
The author also emphasizes that the symptoms of mental illness may vary from one person to another and they can either be behavioral or psychological. Employers may help in reducing the adverse effects of mental illness on the employees' well-being by advocating for ea...

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