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Vietnamese Food And American: Aspects Of Culture (Research Proposal Sample)


In a 500-750 word proposal, inform your audience, your instructor, about why your topic will work for Essay 2.
The proposal should have an introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion covering several areas:
• Explain what your topic is and why you chose it. Remember to be clear and succinct in your explanation.
• Support why this topic will work for Essay 2.
• Is the topic researchable? What sources have you found so far? Are there connections between the sources you have found?
Audience: Your instructor
Point of view: 1st person
Length: 500-750 words
Formatting: The proposal should be formatted according to MLA. In addition to having a supported proposal for your topic, you will also be graded on the quality of your writing. It is important your writing be coherent, clear, and compelling.


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Essay 2: Difference between Vietnamese Food and American Food


When it comes to culture, there are many things that are put into consideration including history, arts, language, music, clothing, and food among others. One area of culture that is interesting to study is related to food. Ideally, assessing the differences between Vietnamese food and American food helps in understanding these two cultures. Despite the fact that globalization is contributing to changing food across different cultures, there still exist differences between Vietnamese and American food (Food Culture).

I have chosen the topic of Vietnamese food and American food because I am enthusiastic about food and culture. By examining how Vietnamese and America view their food or the way they dine, it helps to understand the underlying aspects of their culture. Further, I also feel that food has evolved in American culture because of changes in society and I want to see if the same applies to Vietnam. Specifically, I want to know the types of foods in these two cultures, what they have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and why they have these specific foods. I want to know how these foods are integrated into each culture and what it means for both cultures in relation to their food choices. Ideally, in America, I have been able to taste Vietnamese food and it has significant differences from American food. I want to gain more knowledge about Vietnamese food and in the process gain more knowledge about their culture. In this way, I would also be able t

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