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Article Review: Creating a Culture of Well-Being (Research Paper Sample)


My topic is Building a culture of wellbeing. I already found two articles, and all the related materials about chapter3, please write according to the Evaluation Marking Scheme.


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Article Review: Creating a Culture of Well-Being
Important outcomes in organizations such as happy employees, employee retention, health, and productivity are connected to employee engagement, individual well-being as well as the culture of well-being. Engagement refers to the interplay of attitudes, depositions, and behaviors related to organizational outcomes. Such factors affect and complement one another through different ways that managers, supervisors, leaders, and companies can influence. In turn, many organizations are paying more attention to the employee engagement concept in order to utilize their employee's commitment and dedication to capture the “total person” useful in realizing collective goals.
Literature Review
John Dujay's Vision Critical's Bottom Line
John Dujay describes the perspective that the Toronto-based Vision Critical has taken to ensure that it realizes important organizational outcomes. Vision Critical is a cloud-based company that offers customer intelligence and has 601 employees (Dujay 28). The company fundamentally believes that engaging employees translates to happy customers for a company. This is because when people have a good feeling, they feel that they are "doing something" and that prevents spillover effect which can put off customers (Dujay 28). The HR director, Krisinda Westman, describes the engagement process as contagious even through phone calls.
Westman believes that everyone in the company has an important part to play and by driving engagement, the HR can trigger positive attitude, collective contribution, and responsive responsibility from the employees. Through employee engagement surveys, coupled with numerous follow-ups within the year, the company was able to record 93% CEO's approval rating and 80% of their workers admitted that Vision Critical is great for them as a workplace (Dujay 28). Spending more time together makes people feel connected as well as passionate and psychologically or emotionally invested in their work. The efforts of engagement should continue throughout the year because the results are important in analyzing and identifying areas of improvement within an organization.
The HR director believes that their approach to employee engagement can work in any other organization given that they seek intrinsic motivation which is natural to humans. Feedback is essential in HR and the surveys were also a form of follow-up that could be conducted across different geographies and determine the level of response. Westman stresses that "know myself, manage my team, and lead my business" are key areas in HR management (Dujay 28). The three aspects were identifying in a program that also helps employees bond in a seamless manner.
Creating fun within the organization is also useful because it makes individuals feel connected to their peers. Vision Critical offers cowbell, free coffee with the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), free beer as well as flight passes and hockey tickets (Dujay 28). Such is coupled with social events which are meant to help individuals feel more connection between them and their peers. The primary focus of the program is to witness as all people develop a senior-leadership perspective as a feeling and understanding within themselves and try to inspire the same in their organization. Offering extensive performances as well as career planning programs which are meant to develop one's career helps engage employees. According to t Westman employees at her company appreciate discussions that are being conducted on employment planning because they know that such measures are taken to ensure they achieve their next step in career development (...

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