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Chinese Piano Works: Culture Through Colorful Harmonies (Essay Sample)


Writing Assignment #5: Observation Essay
We live in the visual, technological culture and oftentimes privilege sight over any other sense. Because of this, we often fail to fully describe or even experience our own world. In this essay, you will write at least 2 full pages, describing an object, place, or event, related to your ‘zine topic. Your essay will be more than just observation, though; you will need to make meaning from your observations.
Be curious. Be imaginative. Question and interpret. What is out there in the world, and what can it teach us?
You should use both objective and subjective details. In order to provide an objective description, you will need to use your senses to report on that which you are observing. You will use subjective description when you report your emotional responses to the object of observation. Once you have decided on what you will observe, begin observing as soon as possible. Your observation should last at least 30-60 minutes. You might observe non-stop for 30-60 minutes, or you might divide your time. Be creative as you observe; move around. Participate (if appropriate). At the same time though, you need to be able to take notes—good notes. Record everything you possibly can—sights, sounds, smells, dress, gestures, dialogue that you hear, etc.
You should also take pictures during your observation to include in your ‘zine.
Here's what I'll be looking for as I grade your paper:
• Detailed descriptions: Can I see what you see? Do you use the five senses (sensory details)
to describe the subject? Do you include 1-3 photographs? If appropriate, do you move beyond visual details to include action and dialogue?
• Organization: You have to show me that you thought about the organization of the story.
This means you decided upon and pursued a particular way of organizing your essay. This might be best done chronologically or by theme.
• Significance: Does your essay move beyond a literal description of your subject to include its relationship to the topic of your ‘zine?


Chinese Piano Works
Institution Affiliation
Chinese Piano Works
The music industry cannot be complete without accompaniments such as musical instruments and dances associated with the beat. Among the most common musical instrument is the piano. The instrument is directly connected to the Chinese style music as it is used in developing western techniques. This instrument is used to express culture through colorful harmonies. My interest in piano led me being very inquisitive on the subject matter as I wanted to know how the piano is related to Chinese music. I tried to understand how a piano is used in Chinese style music. I questioned few pianists who directed me to various articles that guided me on how to use a piano in Chinese style music. These articles were very useful as they offered sufficient information on the subject matter such that I obtained all I was in need of. The most recurrent information stated that using a piano in Chinese style requires one to be familiar with the tone and purpose of the song. For example, playing the piano using the Chinese style music that is ceremonial requires one the keys in such a way that a slow melody is produced.
Musical instruments are an important component of Chinese-style music. As we know, the piano is so important. It can use a lot for everyone. Today, let's talk about the piano. This instrument is grouped as a percussion instrument as it is played by pressing the keys on the huge keyboard that is within a wooden enclosure. The keys in a keyboard are attached to metal strings which produce sound once they are struck by hammers. The strings in a piano differ from each other as each has different lengths and thus producing different tones. This musical instrument has been very popular and known when it comes to western classical music. Individuals who are skilled inlaying this particular musical instrument are referred to as a pianist. Most pianists are trained by either attending music schools or by apprenticeship. A piano is used with other musical instruments to produce a hymn which is used to sing a given song. The figure below is an exam

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