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Prominent Tigers In Culture And Literature (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Educational Poster:

Life of Pi manages to explore a wide variety of topics in considerable, often fascinating detail. Choose one that is of interest to you. Research other examples of that topic as it appears in history, culture, or literature. Use the information you find to create a poster with images and information on those examples. The poster will provide an interesting overview of the various ways that a topic has been explored through time.

Some possible topics are:
Prominent tigers (fictional or actual)
Famous shipwrecks
Amazing feats of survival
Your own idea

Your poster should include between 8-12 examples, including an example from the life of pie. Map:

Life of Pi explores and references many places in the world. Create a map that shows Pi's journey, as well as other locations that have significance in the story. Your map should include images, and short descriptions of important places or events that happen in the novel. Ideally, your map would sen/e as an effective reference to anyone wanting to understand the geography of the story. You are encouraged to use mapping techniques, such as including a legend or having certain parts of the map to a different scale to increase detail and accuracy.


Prominent Tigers in Culture and Literature
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Tiger in Life of Pi

In the fantasy adventure novel Life of Pi, one tiger features prominently. The tiger, which is named Richard Parker, is trapped on board a small lifeboat of Piscine Molitor, or simply Pi. The Bengal tiger offers symbolism in the book. It is a metaphor for fear. Pi is able to conquer fear when he gained control of the animal. Richard Parker is the only animal character in the entire novel that has a full human-like name.
This short story is fascinating to people of all ages although it is intended for children. It narrates how the deer that was stuck inside the tiger

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