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Literature Reading And Culture Are Dying (Essay Sample)


Literature Reading Culture is dying
We live in the age of technology where much of even the simplest of tasks have some element of technology embedded in it. There is some aspect of overreliance on technology as we step into the future, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. It is a common joke among friends that, there is a mobile application for almost everything nowadays. While much of the interest has been directed at the time that people spend online and specifically on social media, there is little to no attention that goes to the fact that, literature readership is slowly declining and could soon be a thing of the past at this pace. Many will argue that they read material online, but there is hardly many that will indulge a good work of literature and get to the end. Trying to determine what the author may have been talking about and what the implications of the text and context may be.
It worries me that of the many hours that people spend online, much of the tie they are checking out their social media status or simply going through other people's profiles. It is a habit that will have most of the people constantly reaching for their phone. If it is not the phone, it is their computer or their tablet to check the latest on the social media platforms. If one walks into a coffee shop, you will find people deeply buried i

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