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American govt and issues. Toobin Study Questions. History Essay (Essay Sample)


1.Toobin Study Questions
Please write an essay of three (3) to five (5) pages on each of the following three questions. Questions ## 1 and 2 are very broad and cover more than one single part of the book. Start by 1) reading the whole book or 2) looking for specific parts of the book that will answer the question (the table of contents, chapter headings, the index at the end of the book). They will take careful reading and thoughtful analysis. Additional guidelines and help will be given after you begin the process.
1. What is the significance of the oath of office given by Roberts to Obama and how did it reflect the relations of the two men? Please comment on their backgrounds, their political ideologies and make specific reference to the Citizens United case and the Affordable Health Care case.
2. Who served on the Roberts' Court in the years covered in the book (2008-2012)? How did they shape the controversial issues of abortion, affirmative action and gun rights?
3. Who was Lilly Ledbetter, what happened to her and how does it explain the relationship between judicial rulings and legislative action?
4. Discuss one other case of your choosing using the standard case brief method of Facts, Issue(s), Holding and Rationale.
Who were the Contras and what was the government attempting to do for them?
What was the Enterprise and who ran it?
What covert operations did the CIA engage in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and under whose authority?
Who were the Hmong tribesmen and what happened to them?
What parts of the Constitution were subverted and how?
What justified the politics of the Secret Government?
Who opposed the Secret Government and why?
Why is foreign policy considered a matter not open for discussion or participation?

Each questions on a different page


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American Government and Issues
Study Questions
Question 1
The oath that was given by John Roberts to Barrack Obama marked the beginning of a new presidency. Despite Roberts serving as a Republican before his nomination to the Chief Justice position and Obama being a Democrat, the two individuals had been at loggerheads due to their political differences. Their differences were witnessed in 2010 when Obama denounced the Citizens United decision that restricted corporations from spending money on elections. Additionally, Roberts was a barrier to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was a retaliatory tactic that showed his lack of support to the president.

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