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Apologetics Research Essay. What Should be a Christian Response to Abortion? (Research Paper Sample)


It is a sample high school World Literature Research Paper, you can decide the topic you are confort writing about, I will attach a file that has all the requirements.


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Apologetics Research Essay
Section 1: Question: What Should be a Christian Response to Abortion?
In the current world, religious organizations have raised concerns about whether women should carry out abortions. They tend to believe that abortion is a sin before God because it results in the killing of the unborn baby. However, they also admit that there are instances when abortions can be allowed; in cases whereby the mother experiences complications during pregnancy, which would cause her death or the death of the child. Moreover, some women undergo gang rape; they chose to execute abortion, to remove the traumatizing experiences from their memories. Inappropriately, Christians consider that the latter is not a significant reason why women should abort because, although they were raped, raising the child is much better, because the Child’s life is God-ordained. Fortunately, recent technologies have enabled victims of rape and incest to undergo medication within the first 72 hours. The medication helps in curing any infection and preventing a pregnancy from occurring.

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