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Abortion and Critique. Psychology Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper should be between three and five double-spaced pages in length (not counting bibliography). I’m not going to penalize you if it’s a sentence or two over or under the page limit, but keep as close to the limit as you can. double-spaced, in a reasonable font size/style, with numbered pages, a bibliography or works cited page, and your full name clearly printed on the first page and included in the file name of the document. In the paper you should take a position on one of the two controversial ethical questions that I list below, and construct an argument to defend that position.

This is not a “research” paper. You do not need to read and reference any philosophical works beyond those from the assigned class readings. However, I am not going to forbid anyone from exploring readings relevant to the topic, beyond those assigned in class. This could include other readings in the textbook that I didn’t assign, other philosophy books/papers available in the library or online, or philosophy encyclopedias and other reference materials. Typically, these additional works should just be used to supplement your treatment of the assigned readings. You are on your own in finding additional readings (a good place to start would be the bibliography and lists of other resources found at the end of the SEP entries mentioned below).

There are two additional works that many of you might find helpful for background info/context:

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP): https://plato(dot)stanford(dot)edu/
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http://www(dot)iep(dot)utm(dot)edu/

Paper Topic Questions

1. Is the fetus a person? Does it ultimately matter for the purposes of determining whether abortion is morally permissible or not?
2. Choose one (one!) article on abortion from the following list: (a) Thomson, (b) Marquis, (c) Warren. Closely examine and critically evaluate the argument. Is it successful?


Abortion and Critique
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Abortion and Critique
Abortion is a well-debated topic in bioethics. Philosophers are determined to label it right or wrong depending on the identity of fetus. The alarming rise in abortion rate i.e. 11.8 abortions among 1000 women between the ages of 15-44 years (Pazol, Creanga & Jamieson, 2015), has raised the question of legalizing abortion. One school of thought believes that it is a sin or crime to abort a fetus as it is in itself a human being and no matter how weak and defenseless it is, it still has the right to live. On the contrary, the other side fights with the point that a fetus is not a person and does not, at the moment, have distinct characteristics due to which it can be put down. There have been various arguments leading to the formation of health policies, laws and implementation of punishment based on the degree of crime. In fact, due to abortion rates, it is also fairly common that parents are not informed of the fetus’s gender. Despite the fact, that it is the woman’s body and she has the right over her body, states and countries have put considerable effort in the matter as abortion itself has various medical psychological and social adverse effects

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