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Is Pro-Life the best choice? Literature & Language (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


ASSIGNMENT: Find an argument on the editorial page or op-ed page in a recent online news source. Analyze it rhetorically, using the principles discussed in Chapter 6. Show how it succeeds, fails, or does something else entirely. Perhaps you can show that the author is unusually successful in connecting with readers but then has nothing to say. Or perhaps you discover that the strong logical appeal is undercut by a contradictory emotional argument. Be sure that the analysis includes a summary of the original essay and basic publication information about it (its author, place of publication, and publisher).
Consider, this suggested organization (your organization may vary):
• Introduction Paragraph – Interesting opening that introduces the topic, introduction of the title and author of the essay under analysis, broad statement of the work’s subject, brief description of its context (when and where it was published), a statement that encompasses your analysis—Make a claim about the work’s rhetorical effectiveness.
• Body Paragraph 1 (Summary) – details of content – topic sentence is a claim of the central argument of the article you are discussing that you then briefly summarize through its main points
• Body Paragraph 2 (Analysis of Context) – details of context (including information about the author, intended audience, and the larger conversation of which the essay is a part) – topic sentence is a claim that identifies the impact of context on the piece
• Body Paragraphs 3-5 and potentially more (Analysis of Text: how the argument works) – a detailed analysis of how the argument works – Although you will probably analyze rhetorical appeals separately, don’t let your analysis become a dull roster of emotional, ethical, and logical appeals. Your rhetorical analysis should be an argument itself that supports a claim. you will likely have multiple paragraphs here, for each point of your analysis
• Conclusion Paragraph (Reflection) – Connect your ideas, make a final evaluative statement about the work, and end with a consideration of alternative views to your own analysis.
• Work Cited – The final (and separate) page of your paper should be a correct MLA Work Cited page that lists the text under analysis; if you use any other resources, be sure to list those as well.
Essay #1 is your first formal assignment, and the tone, style, and structure of your essay should be highly formal. This includes following MLA guidelines for format and citation (be sure to cite all quotations and paraphrase within your essay and have a Work Cited page at the end), standard essay organization, and the conventions of standard written English. This also means avoiding informality, so do not include any contractions, exclamations, second-person point of view (you, your, yours), slang, or profanity.


Is Pro-Life the Best Choice?
“I Am Pro-Life. Don’t Call Me Anti-Abortion,” proves that pro-life is the best choice. Camosy opposes abortion by revealing her stand in the choice of pro-life. Although critics use various kinds of words like fetus and clusters of cells in describing the unborn babies to dismiss pro-lifers as obsessives of a minor issue, Camosy and other individuals like Pope Francis cling to their stand that abortion is dehumanizing and it should not be legalized. As a democrat member and leader in the protection of human rights, she says that every life is important and the unborn babies experience heartbeats and electrical activities in their minds like any other normal being. The law should not act to the extent of hurting the people it’s supposed to protect. In this case, the Supreme Court devalued human dignity and the moral of respect for human life in the act of legalizing abortion. Camosy succeeds in proving that pro-life is the best choice in the treatment of prenatal babies with dignity since abortion dehumanizes human life.

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