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Abortion and Its Side Effects. Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You are writing an argument essay--NOT a problem-solution essay. Refer to pgs. 155-156 in the textbook for more information about argument essays.
topic: abortion
3main ideas: 1. Abortion is bad for woman’s health
2. Abortion is psychologically bad for woman.
3. abortion is bad for couple's relations

The essay is five pages in length, not including the title page or the Works Cited page
The Works Cited page must be formatted according to MLA guidelines
Pages are numbered in the upper right-hand corner with your last name in front of the page number
The essay includes quotations from at least four different sources
Each paragraph should contain at least two quotations
Quotations are relevant to and adequately support the topic sentences
The first time you use a person’s name in the text, be sure to identify that person with his or her full name, title, affiliation…
Each quotation is followed by an in-text citation according to MLA guidelines
The essay is typed, Times New Roman 12 pt., double spaced
Beginnings of paragraphs are indented; no extra space between paragraphs
There is an introduction that ends with a thesis statement
Sentence structures are correct and correctly punctuated
Verb tense and pronoun use are consistent
Conventions of capitalization and punctuation are followed correctly


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Abortion and Its Side Effects
“Abortion is a medical/ scientific procedure carried out by women in order to terminate their unwanted pregnancies, (Gerdts et al, 2016). In most cases women feel that they have conceived by mistake and this could be among the many reasons why abortions are carried out. “The reasons women give for seeking abortion are not having enough money, partner issues, bad timing, needing to focus on existing children, and not being emotionally or mentally prepared—are indicative of their difficult circumstances at the time they seek an abortion. The experience of an unintended pregnancy may cause women to contend with their circumstances and reflect on their lives”, (Biggs et al., 2017).

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