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English 1010. Scott Cerreta. Arguments for and Against Abortion (Essay Sample)


you neeed to find a tipoc and go to argue the subject and your point.


English 1010.  Arguments for and Against Abortion


English 1010
Scott Cerreta
Arguments for and Against Abortion
Abortion is among the most contentious issues in modern life. Abortion is the deliberate ending of a pregnancy by killing the fetus before ordinary childbirth. Words rarely express the pain that the couple in the center of this escapade undergo when in such a dilemma. They have to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy. Both sides of the abortion debate have staunch followers and very few are undecided. Both groups have commendable points based on articulate reasoning on the rights and wrongs of the act. Besides the moral standpoint, the debate on abortion has been politicized where policymakers have to decide whether to legalize the act. Pro-abortionists claim that children born from rape are a constant source of trauma for their mothers. Also, they concede that abortion is necessary when the mother’s or child’s life is in danger. On the other hand, most religions oppose abortion, hinging their arguments on scriptures and doctrines. In essence, abortion is wrong because every being has the right to life and no one possesses the authority to end someone else’s life.

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