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Individual vs society Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Anowa Ama Ata Aidoo
the bitter game Keith Wallace
Discover how the two different plays are similar -- using terms from drama and humanities.
Support these assertions by presenting sections from the script.
Decide on the important themes of each
Discover the similarities in the themes in each play -- make connections between the two plays
Select a scene or part of a scene from each play that exemplifies these themes and similarities
(page111-115 for anowa; (page137-141 for the bitter game
Write a one-page outline of what you discovered and researched
Preparation: how organized your presentation is, does it fully examine these two plays, does it give pertinent examples from the script (s) to support your ideas?
Examination: do you give details from the script, the play, the playwright information to support your ideas, what historical and cultural elements influence this play (what research did you do)?
Outline (one page, submit on Canvas):
Thesis: what themes are you examining
support with examples
Historical and Cultural elements that influence
why they are important
Process of preparing for Presentation
goals and intentions
Things you learned
what it all means in a larger context


Theme of Oppression
The theme of Brutality in the Bitter Game
The Bitter Game plays present the theme of violence and brutality. For example, The Bitter Game explores the story of a young man with his mother and their struggle to protect the other from an event that seems inevitable. Keith Wallace reveals the police violence and brutality as well as the use of excessive force and its impact on the vicarious trauma in the black communities and their lives in the country. Moreover, the play addresses other social issues that arise from police brutality and violence in other Americans.

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