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Unit 5: “I was given this world, I didn’t make it”: Finding (Essay Sample)


For each unit described in the course calendar below, you will be required to submit a brief paper (at least three and no more than five pages) that engages one selection or more from the material encountered in that unit. Summaries of material won’t do. Instead, these papers are intended to engage, query, or argue with something in the unit, drawing upon your own knowledge and experience or from other outside sources. These will be graded chiefly on the following criteria:
• Completed, turned in on time, 3+ pages, proper format (1 points)
• Shows thoughtful engagement with course material. Can cover all readings or focus in depth on fewer.
Refers to readings in the journal. Outside sources welcome, but not required (1 points)
• Provides thoughtful detail about how what we encounter in class connects with (or contrasts with) your
own experience and knowledge. Guiding questions: What does what we're doing mean for how you see
the world or how you are in the world? How does this affirm or challenge what you thought or knew prior
to the unit? In what ways, if any, was the material in this unit meaningful to you? Note: There are no
"right" answers, only thoughtful ones. (2 points)
• This is not a writing-centered course, but your points are more persuasive if presented professionally.
Please edit your work for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Careless work or significant writing issues
will cause you to lose points here. Cite outside sources properly (though references to course packet
materials do not require bibliography). See me for help or guidance if you have concerns about your
writing. (1 points)


Unit 5: “I was given this world, I didn’t make it”: Finding
“Thug Life” in “’Pac’s Life”
When we talk of philosophical concepts that describe our way of life, we all expect such concepts to come from Plato or Socrates. As a result, of all the philosophers one can think of, it is unlikely that such profound insight would originate from a hip-hop and rap artist. However, Tupac Shakur was one of the most compelling yet complicated artist to have emerged since the inception of hip-hop as a music genre. He used music as an art to communicate the tough life of African-Americans, especially those from the ghetto. However, his self made concepts of THUG LIFE seemed to be promoting violence against the police and even other black Americans.
Connection between what we are doing and how I see the world
The world is complicated but one way of addressing the numerous complications we experience is through the use of art. Art can either be music, movies, taking pictures or drawings, and even sculptures such as the statue of liberty.

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