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Choose a kind of childhood trauma. Childhood Trauma brought by Divorce (Essay Sample)


Choose a kind of childhood trauma and address;
How common is it for children to experience this kind of trauma?
Are there specific effects that result from this kind of childhood trauma?
What kinds of behaviors do children who have undergone this kind of trauma demonstrate?
Many trauma interventions are developed from heartfelt concern for children and their families, but have no scientific basis. Give at least one example of an intervention that is well-meant, but not based in science, and one that has a scientific underpinning.

Natural disasters
Economic stress
Military family stress, PTSD
The paper will be submitted in MS word or RTF format only. None of the questions are to be re-copied into your paper.
You will be graded on these factors:

Possible grade
Student grade
The paper addresses the issues specified by the assignment

The author shows insight and sophistication in thinking and writing

Three citations were used; websites are acceptable

Paper was well organized and easy to follow. Paper was at least 1000 words, not including cover page, abstract, or references. Running head, cover page, abstract, paper body, in-text citations and Reference page, and overall formatting were in the American Psychological Association format.

Few to no spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structure errors



Childhood Trauma brought by Divorce
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December 16, 2019
Childhood trauma is perhaps on the most pressing concerns for a child’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. According to Stevens (2013), almost 35 million children in the United States alone have experienced some kind of trauma during their own childhood. This accounts for about half of the country’s population, which suggests the increasing need for both state and non-state actors to address these concerns. Accordingly, this paper would discuss one of the most common sources of trauma for children – Economic Stress. In the succeeding sections, the author would focus on some of the main effects of economic distress to the children’s growth and well-being. All in all, the author believes that by looking at the effects of economic distress to children, a better understanding of the needed interventions can be reached.

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