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Divorce: Society Before Change, Laws, Attitudes (Research Paper Sample)


-general format
-double space
-1 or 2.5cm margins
-12 font
-page numbers top right corner
-indent 5 spaces for new paragraph
-no contractions
-avoid mixing present and past tense
-never use `i` or `you` in this formal essay
-never say: is when, is where, is because
-no personal comments: i feel
-don't use: couldve, shouldve, wouldve,
-don't use `and so`
its an argumentative essay:
This means you are not just writing a biography, providing a chronology of an event or providing an informational account on a topic.
You must prove something in your essay.
You are making an argument and providing proof from researched sources to support your argument.
The information you use from your research must be acknowledged or referenced otherwise it is considered plagiarism.
Using APA, you put the citations in brackets at the end of the quote or paraphrase. (Freud, 1912, p.263)
At the end of an essay, on the final page, you must make a listing of all
the sources you used to write your essay. It is titled: References.
The abstract is a brief summary of the paper, allowing readers to quickly review the main points and purpose of the paper. The abstract should be between 150-250 words. Abbreviations and acronyms used in the paper should be defined in the abstract.
-The word “Abstract” should be centered and typed in #12 point Times New Roman. Do not indent the first line of the abstract paragraph. All other paragraphs in the paper should be indented.
-Your introductory paragraph must contain your Thesis statement and 3 main points you plan to argue.
At least 4 quotations must be present in your essay. Remember that a quotation cannot stand as a sentence on its own; it must have an introductory phrase. Always follow quotes with your explanation of it.
Paraphrases are also expected. Remember when you paraphrase, you must not copy from the text. Changing a couple words is also not good enough. Paraphrasing is taking the idea, but stating it in your own words.
Remember to make connections at the end of your paragraphs back to the topic and finally at the end of your main point to the thesis. It is your job to tell me what I am expected to think…It is not my job to make the connections, it is yours. Never end a paragraph with a quote or paraphrase.
Some questions to get you started:
What was the history: society before change, laws, attitudes
What factors caused the push for change? Who was involved in this path?
What occurred to create the change?
What resistance occurred?
What are the consequences of the change? Attitudes, laws, for society, groups, individuals
focus on the challenge and change in society. It must show the change that has occurred, how that change has occurred and the consequences of that change within society. At the same time, you will do this within the context of proving something (positive or negative impact, etc.). You are not just to inform me about your topic, you must prove something. This is not an information essay.


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Since many decades ago, marriage is considered a legal agreement between two parties. They are bound by certain laws that they should obey at any given point in their marriage. However, several factors might result in the parties being unable to stay with one another and, hence this calls for them to divorce. A divorce is the legal termination of the rules that bind a marriage, hence freeing the parties from the laws that were binding them. The divorce process is carried out in a court of law or a magistrate's office. However, throughout history, divorce has undergone a lot of changes that determine the manner in which it is carried out. Many cultures across the world have different views about the issue of marriage as well as that of divorce. Therefore, the way that divorce is conducted depends on the part of the world that a person is from. However, most of the countries have a similar law governing the grounds for filing a divorce and the consequences that follow after the divorce.
Laws have been made governing the grounds under which a couple can file for a divorce. Such laws depend on the reason as to why the parties want to file for a divorce. There have been various amendments changing the manner in which such laws dictate divorce. Hence these amendments have brought various changes in divorce which have created challenges and consequences in the process.
Before the year 1969, the cost of filing a divorce was very high, and hence, it was only affordable by the rich. The ordinary citizens ended up abusive marriages because they could not “afford to file for divorce” (O'Sullivan, 2016). The law was amended by making it possible for the divorce proceeding to be carried out in the court of law instead of the parliament. This meant that the ordinary people could afford a divorce process. In addition, the law was later changed thus making it possible for both men and women to file for a divorce. Before, then women were required to prove the infidelity of their partners in addition to other crimes such as assault and rape for them to be accorded a divorce. Men could easily file for a divorce. As well, the reasons as to why individuals could file for divorce were also changed. After the amendment, the matrimonial offenses increased the chances of people getting a divorce. In the current world, the laws regarding divorce have changed across different cultures and religions, hence granting people a chance to decide whether they wanted to be in marriage or not (Mason, 2015).
One of the challenges that face the issue of divorce is the bias in the issue of child custody. Most of the laws favor the mother of the child in regard to the parent who should live with them. In rare cases does the father get to have custody of the kids. For instance, in most countries, the children are left under the care of the mother as long as she is capable of taking care of them until they reach the age of eighteen years. Therefore, the father has to file a strong case for them to be accorded custody of the kids (Lingertat-Putnam, 2017). In rare cases, does the father of the child get sole custody of the children. Therefore, this means that the divorce laws are biased against men. In addition, the child support system is also flawed. Most cultures believe that the father is the head of the family and, hence, responsible for providing for the needs of the children and the wife. In the case of a divorce, the father is required to provide child support and in some cases; he is required to “pay alimony” to the wife (Frost & Beck, 2016). This means that the wife does not get to provide child support regardless of the fact that the couple had equal assets. Besides, the view of the so...

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