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Divorce Negatively Affects Families Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Directions as follows;
In this paper you will use at minimum 3 outside scholarly resources (NOT Wikipedia, other Wikis or to support your position on the topic “Divorce Negatively Affects Families”. The body of your paper must be (3 pages),not including a title page,and reference page. Please use and write paper in the most recent edition of APA.


Divorce Negatively Affect Families
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Divorce Negatively Affect Families
Relationships are like plants that require love, attention, and care. The contemporary world is experiencing a drastic increase in the rate of divorce that dominants a negative impact on children and the entire families of both sides. Every couple owes their own explanation and level of understanding the reasons and consequences of divorce (Weaver, & Schofield, 2015). For instance, one couple might spend years in dispute of settlement while others quietly file divorce and get separated with no hassle. Nevertheless, the situation and interpretation of a divorce may differ from couple to couple, its effect on their children is somehow similar and in a negative way (Arkes, 2015). For example, the children are brutally affected by the decision of their parents to get separated in both psychological as well as behavioral manner. In this regard, this study has acquired the investigations of different writers to support the statement that divorce negatively affects families. Further, some recommendations are also drawn to control the negativity of the upcoming situation in the lives of children and the family.
Effect on Women
The past studies have listed that the ratio of divorce has increased since 2014. A study has reported that 6.9% per 1000 people of the population are ending their relation to divorce since 2013 (Arkes, 2015). This number has decreased up to 4.13% in the proceeding era. Though the ratio of divorce has declined, people from different disciplines like psychology, psychosocial, and counseling are paying keen attention to this social problem. This is because the effect of a divorce on the children and the family has intensified than it was in the preceding years (Weaver, & Schofield, 2015). In detailing the effects of divorce on the women it has been observed that they suffer from emotional consequences, financial limitations and behavioral effects (Gager, Yabiku, & Linver, 2016). At first, women are prone to emotional suffering in forms of psychological distress and decreased mental stability after divorce. In the same manner, the women have to cope up to build their financial set-up especially if she was just a housewife (Arkes, 2015). Consequently, the struggle of financial crises and emotional disturbance change the behavior of a woman drastically. Either a woman becomes extremely independent or she completely turns into an extreme introvert. Moreover, a sense of doubt and trust issues may also appear in the personality of the woman after divorce. The cause for this amendment in the behavior is the experience of losing a person she once loved and was affectionate too.
Effect on Men
As the effect of divorce spreads evenly on the entire family, the suffering of a man from this relationship hassle cannot be neglected as well. From studies, it has been evident that men face more hardship than women while dealing with divorc

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