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Morality Of Divorce Based On The Religious Perspective (Research Paper Sample)


Theology 11 Research Paper Mr. Fordyce Goal: To research the views of the Catholic faith and other faiths (e.g. Judaism, Islam, Hindu, other Christian denominations, etc.) on one of the following issues Genetic Screening & Engineering Surrogate Motherhood Euthanasia Gambling War/Military service Use of Alcohol Abortion Divorce Homosexuality/Transgender Issues If you have a topic you would like to research that is not above, we can talk about it. If I feel that it is one you will find enough information on to write a paper, I will allow that as your topic. Things to keep in mind: Wikipedia is NOT a valid source. However, you can sometimes use the reference section at the end of a Wikipedia article to find sources of information on that topic. Summarize the Catholic Church’s stance on the issue. Explain why it holds this position. The church’s stance on these issues will often involve some explanation. In what circumstances would the church say it is sinful and why? Are there circumstances in which it might be morally acceptable or not sinful? Does the Church’s stand on this issue conflict with that of our society or culture? If so, in what way? Explain any moral issues that are raised by/connected with the practice. Search for polls that might show how society looks at the issue and cite any that you may find. Explain the other faiths’ positions on these issues. Why do they find them morally wrong or acceptable? (While faiths may agree about the morality of something, they may have different reasons for that stance). Find sources that cite the specific reasons for a faith’s stand on the issue. In many cases, a faith’s stand on an issue will not be a simple one or will depend upon circumstances or other issues and so will involve some explanation. You may find that there is some disagreement among the members or branches of a faith, if so you can note that. Use multiple sources, since there may be some disagreement regarding these issues. If a faith takes no clear stand or there is disagreement among the authorities or sects of that faith on the issue, don’t be afraid to say that and to say why.Your sources should be authoritative. One person expressing his or her opinion, especially if her/she is not an expert or does not represent the religion in some way, is not an authoritative source. Likewise, always look at the source of the information. If it is not from a representative or leader of the faith, is it from a group or individual who opposes it? Seek statistics to support what you say. (e.g. if you say our society looks at an issue differently, you should find and use poll results to support that.) Always cite the primary source of any statistics you find. Here are some other faiths you may want to research. (These are not the only ones you can use and you do not have to cover all of these) A few other Christian faiths Episcopalian (Anglican) Methodist Presbyterian Baptist Lutheran Morman (Latter Day Saints) Quaker (Society of Friends) Some other non-Christian faiths: Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism Sikh Baha’i I am more interested in quality than quantity. It is better that you fully explore and explain the position of a few faiths than only briefly touching upon those of many. Your paper will need to be organized and checked for grammatical errors. Collect and organize your information BEFORE you start writing.


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Morality on divorce
Since the ancient times, individuals in our societies have agreed that marriage creates special moral obligations, which would not have existed, were it not for the union of two people. This union makes some actions a requirement; for example, sacrifices for the other partner and other actions are rendered wrong, for example having sex with another person besides the partner. Marriage develops moral obligations through promise making. However, there comes a time when the married individuals decide to go on their separate ways because of one reason or the other. This decision to divorce has held so many different perspectives, which vary from the view of the law, people in society and religion. This paper is going to explore the morality on divorce based on the religious perspective.
Christianity is the world largest religion with over 2 billion followers. Among its subdivisions, the Catholic Church is the most common sect in terms of followers. The Catholic holds many doctrines in matters concerning the everyday life of their followers. One of the doctrines is on marriage and divorce. In the Catholic doctrine on divorce, they observe that; marriage of their followers implies restoration by Jesus Christ, of the union to its original indissolubility, it observes an absolute no divorce policy, especially after marriage, has been consummated. The doctrine also holds that non-followers' marriage can be dissolved in absolute divorce under certain circumstances which are in favour of the faith. It observes that Christian marriages can be dissolved by an act of the papal authority or through a solemn profession in the religious order if the couple has not consummated yet. It also holds that separation can be allowed in events of a certain occurrence such as the lapse of infidelity, adultery, or heresy on either of the partners.
According to the Catholic Christians, marriage ought not to have an absolute divorce after it has been consummated. Based on the bible the dominion quotes Mark, (10: 11, 12) that one who puts away their wife and marries another has committed adultery (Lehmkuhl, 1909). In Saint Paul teaching the bible states that whoever departs from their husband should remain unmarried or go back to her husband. In the above description, Catholics observe that it is not merely of the Christian marriage is affirmed but all the marriage. The positive divine ordinance affirms the permanence of the marriage union to all in society according to the natural law. As followers do live according to the guidance of the Bible, no Catholic follower doubts that according to natural law marriage is indissoluble. In the syllabus of Pius IX, the proposition is also condemned. The natural law observes that marriage is not indissoluble and in case of divorce the same is sanctioned by civil authority. Catholics consider divorce unacceptable, and one of their main bases is a reference from the Mathew chapter 19:6 that states “…let no man put asunder to what God has joined together.”
In the developed world, for example, America, the divorce rate has continued to soar. The rate of divorce is not based on a single factor but several. Because of this, organized religions are giving out marriage manual in accordance to the recent lifestyle and changes expected in our society. In the Catholic Church, the theology of marriage has taken a drastic change from their older version as expl

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