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How does divorce affect children's future relationships? (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you need to develop a position (hypothesis) based on the topic you choose (effects of divorce on children's future relationships), and then construct an argument supporting your hypothesis. The paper should be carefully reasoned and stylistically well-polished. The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate a contextualized and detailed understanding of your chosen topic. Papers must be typed and 6-8 double-spaced pages in length, NOT including your abstract, references, or title page. At least four (4) academic references are required: books, journal articles, and chapters in edited collections must be both academic and clearly psychological in their perspective. Self-help manuals, articles from popular magazines, and non-academic internet sources must NOT be used as core material for your paper. Once again, you are welcome to use the course readings and course text as background material, but they do not count towards the four articles you need to find for this assignment. Please ensure you use the APA manual as a style guide.
Your paper must include:
1. a rationale for why the issue you identify requires academic attention;
2. a succinct summary of each of your articles, including a description of the methods and
3. a synthesis of the articles that integrates what you have learned from your research, with the goal of showing how the research findings support your position or hypothesis.
In expressing your ideas you should use your own words: keep direct quotations to a minimum (I prefer 0, by I will accept a maximum of 1).


Effects of Divorce on Children’s Future Relationships
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Divorce refers to the legal action between a husband and wife to end their marital relationship. It is primarily known as marriage dissolution, and it is a legal action that terminates marriage before a spouse’s death. Unfortunately, divorce usually has both short- and long-term effects on children. For instance, divorce causes children to become a collateral casualty. Children’s minds are always tender and as a result, they have increased possibilities of slipping into a shock state, after observing their parents splitting forever. Therefore, the current research focuses on addressing the effects of divorce on the future relationships of children.
Key words: “Divorce, children, parents, effects, future relationships”
Divorce refers to the lawful action between married couple to end their marital association. It is also referred to as marriage dissolution, and it is mostly the legal action that terminates marriage before a spouse dies. Divorce is much similar to legal separation because it comprises of the processes of filling documents with the court to instigate legal actions, whereby the courts are mandated to make sound decisions regarding assets, debts, and child decisions. Conversely, as the process ends, the parties are separated legally, which indicates that although they are still married, they are responsible for one another (Morin, 2019).

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