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WRIT/310: Creative Writing: Creative Reading Script (Essay Sample)


Wk 3 - Memoir 
This assignment provides practice to develop characters and use a time jump narrative.
Write a 525- to 700-word memoir. Incorporate at least one flashback, flash-forward, or other time shift. Maintain a balance between narrative scenes, personal reflections, and dialogue. (Topic suggestion:  a car accident where I was the passenger and the driver had had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel... there’s a lot of options for flashforwards/backwards for that sort of story. I am female so when you write it please keep that in mind. Let me know if you have questions regarding this topic)
Please select a broad topic other than personal common experiences i.e. wedding, birth of baby, death of parents. Write about a trip to an inspiring location and what you learned; an observation or experience that was profound, etc.
Write a 300- to 525-word reflection paper about your memoir. In your reflection paper, cover the following points:
Identify at least one ethical choice you made in writing your memoir, such as the inclusion of third parties who have not given, or cannot give, consent, and explain how you chose to address the issue and why you chose the approach you did.
Explore the challenges of writing yourself as a character in a memoir, including any difficulties you experienced writing scenes based on personal memories.
Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


Personal Memoir
WRIT/310: Creative Writing: Creative Reading Script
C.A. Neilson
August 31, 2020
Personal Memoir
It was one of my regular trips to Bethany Beach DE to visit family when something unusual was in store for me along my way. I was just settling into the back seat of the car that picked me up from the station when I saw my driver’s neck intermittently waving like a pendulum. Inquisitively, I said, “Are your drunk, man? Did you have a few before getting behind the wheel!?” The driver nodded to confirm my suspicion. I was utterly shocked, to say the least, and yelled at him to pull over. “I am accustomed to it, mam; do not worry,” he meekly replied. Upon this, I got hysterical and shouted at him to pull the damn car over immediately or I would call 911.

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