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Abolish Death Penalty- Pursausive. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


English Composition I: Persuasive Essay Worksheet
In order to complete this assignment, respond to each prompt alongside the symbol
The following questions will ask you to consider the following elements necessary to compose your essay.
• Thesis statement
• Supporting claims
• Sources
• Opposing view
• Audience
• Goal (conclusion)
To compose your thesis statement, follow this example
Topic: Eliminate Death Penalty_____
Argument: The death penalty breaks our 8th amendment. False confessions and unlawful convictions lead to innocent lives being put to death for a crime they did not commit. The death penalty prevents criminals to be transformed in to making better decisions. _____________
#1 Reason that supports your argument ___The death penalty was rules cruel and unusual by the supreme courts in 1972. It’s premeditated and legalized murder. _______
#2 Reason that supports your argument _More than 160 innocent lives have been executed by death penalty because of false convictions. __________
#3 Reason that supports your argument: Criminals sentenced to death don’t have a chance to be rehabilitated. Most people that commit murder are doing it with feelings of passion or suffer from substance about or mental illness like schizophrenia.
Compose your thesis statement:
The death penalty does more damage than good and should be eliminated. The death penalty breaks the eighth amendment Did you know that before DNA evidence was discover innocent lives were taken through capital punishment. Even now in the 2000’s innocent lives have been taken for crimes they did not commit. Lastly the death penalty prevents criminal from getting mental help, instead the are given an expiration date.
Write your topic sentence #1 here
In 1972 the supreme court ruled that the death penalty also known as capital punishment breaks the eight amendment because of the method used has been known to make the receiver to suffer upon death.
Write your topic sentence #2 here
Since 1972 more then fifteen hundred people have been sentenced to death but were possibly innocent for crimes they did not do. This is because DNA technology hadn’t been established yet. Now in the 2000’s there are still over 500 people that have been sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. Most of these executions were because of false confession obtained in intense and prolonged interrogations
Write your topic sentence here #3
Finally, the death penalty prevents those suffering from addiction, metal disorders and grief to get the help they need. Most homicides are committed in the heat of feeling or metal disorders like schizophrenia.
Identify, summarize and align your sources.
Source (APA reference) #1:
State which reason the source supports your claim and why.

Source (APA reference) #2:
State which reason the source supports your claim and why.

• Morehouse, L. (2019, Spring). CONFESS OR DIE: WHY THREATENING A SUSPECT WITH THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD RENDER CONFESSIONS INVOLUNTARY. American Criminal Law Review, 56(2), 531+. Retrieved from https://link(dot)gale(dot)com/apps/doc/A584328686/OVIC?u=lirn99776&sid=OVIC&xid=718f6445
• https://deathpenaltyinfo(dot)org/policy-issues/innocence/executed-but-possibly-innocent
• https://deathpenaltyinfo(dot)org/stories/dpic-analysis-causes-of-wrongful-convictions
Source (APA reference) #3

• https://www(dot)listland(dot)com/top-10-reasons-death-penalty-abolished/
• https://komonews(dot)com/news/local/mount-vernon-man-who-beheaded-girlfriend-convicted-of-murder
• https://www(dot)detroitnews(dot)com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/12/10/love-triangle-preceded-murder-suicide-corrections-officers-manistee/4387658002/
• https://www(dot)seattletimes(dot)com/seattle-news/crime/seattle-police-believe-driver-was-high-on-meth-when-she-hit-pedestrians-on-aurora-killing-2/
A persuasive essay presents a debatable topic. State the opposing view to your position.
Some people would say that the death penalty gives the victims family a since of closure and justice but the question of Is an Eye for an Eye really the state’s decision to make?
Define your audience. Audience is not the instructor or your peers (necessarily) but the persons or group you would like to convince that your position is valid and should be considered.
My audience is those who think the death penalty is the right form of punishment for criminals who commit Capital Crimes
In the conclusion, you will restate the main argument. What is the goal of your essay? Write a statement that communicates the outcome or change you would like to see based on your argument.
The goal of this essay is to eventually make the punishment of the death removed from sentencing options, and life without the possibility of parole the capital punishment for a capital crime.


Abolish Death Penalty
Student’s Name:
Institutional Affiliation:
Abolish Death Penalty
The death penalty should be abolished since it leads to more losses than gains. According to the National Geographic (2014), punishment by death (capital punishment) is inhuman in nature because it deprives one’s life which is against human rights. In that case, it is illegitimate and unconstitutional since it is digressing from all the laws that exist to govern people. This is evident from the Supreme Court verdict of 1972 which considered the penalty as cruel (Death Penalty Information Centre, 2014). The death penalty should be abolished in any country since it is unfair and unjust, and it is not the right solution for crimes.
The National Geographic (2014) supports this argument by stating that the death penalty is unconstitutional. Taking away somebody's life claiming that one is wrong is not a panacea to the crimes but creating another crime instead of ending the crime for instance, if somebody had killed someone killing him or her is committing a second crime, thus having a series of crimes. 

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