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Public Opinion Death Penalty versus Life Imprisonment (Research Proposal Sample)


Step one: You need a research question. You can use the same question you used for your survey, or a different one.
Step two: Do a literature review to see what is already known about the topic
Step three: Decide on a method. It doesn’t have to be a survey, it can be any method or combination of methods. Say why this is the most appropriate method for your project
Step four: Decide on a sampling strategy
Step five: Write the research proposal document, using these sections (plus an introduction)
Don’t string together quotes to make a paper. That’s a C paper.
Don’t make a paper by giving your opinion instead of showing how well-informed you are. That’s a C paper too.
Paraphrase and cite the author like this (Author, 2016).
Don’t use sources that are more than 10 years old.
There are very few websites that I will accept as sources. .gov websites and the Pew Research Center are ok. Check with me.
Use keywords and limit your search by journal articles only, and by dates 2006-2017.
You can search JSTOR from the library website and
The search box in at the upper right (for the link above)
Social media topics: http://journals(dot)sagepub(dot)com/home/sms
Researching public opinion: http://www(dot)pewresearch(dot)org


A Research Proposal on Public Opinion Death Penalty versus Life Imprisonment
Institution of affiliation
A Research Proposal on Public Opinion Death Penalty versus Life Imprisonment
The judicial system and the disciplinary code of the United States have developed two highest forms of penalties for crimes; that is a death sentence and life imprisonment without parole. Many arguments concerning these forms of punishment have brought forth diverse points of view that are both compelling and persuasive. Critics of life imprisonment and death penalty argue that both types of punishment for the crime are not based on the ethical and moral principles of the society. Some of them even cite religious sources. The proponents, on the other hand, provide their legal justifications.

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