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Capital punishment. Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Part A
1. Discuss the history of capital punishment in the United States, and explain what types of crimes warrant capital punishment.
Part B
1. Choose a recent case in which an offender received capital punishment, and write a summary of the case. Be sure to include the year and location of the crime and the sentencing, as well as all important details of the case.
2. Discuss whether or not you agree with the sentencing and explain the reasoning for your stance.


Capital punishment
Institutional Affiliation
Part A
Capital punishment, according to the Constitutional Rights Foundation, is the legal killing of criminals who commit various crimes. Also referred to as the death penalty, the form of punishment began in the United States during the colonial period in the 1600s. The first-ever recorded execution occurred in 1608 when Captain George Kendal, a leader in the Virginia colony, was found guilty of mutiny.
In the American colonies, it occurred as a result of many crimes such as; stealing, idol worship, witchcraft, blasphemy, and rape. Also, kidnapping, perjury, murder, assault, sodomy, and rebellion. The methods of execution commonly utilized included hanging, beheading, shooting, electrocution, and the use of poisonous gas. Today, however, lethal injection is the only method of use.

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