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Miranda vs. Arizona. Death Penalty in Supreme Court (Essay Sample)


Famous Supreme Court Cases.


1) Do not procrastinate
2) Give yourself plenty of time to research
3) If you are having a problem coming up with a topic, go through the book and try to find a starting point where a subject catches your eye
a. Example: Famous Supreme Court cases you might want to learn more about
i. Free speech, religion
ii. Death penalty
iii. 2000 election
iv. Flow the idea of Federalism changed with Great Depression
v. Flow was the Georgia Flag changed from Confederate to current?
4) Come up with your thesis statement
a. What are you going to try to share with me in your paper?
b. What is your point?
c. Make sure it's well thought out
d. Example:
i. "The Peace Cross case is an illustration that the current Supreme Court is willing to carefully review numerous factors, including history, original purpose, symbolism, tolerance, and competing interests, when determining whether a war memorial, in the form of a Latin Cross, on public property is in violation of the Establishment Clause."
e. Your thesis statement is the target!
5) Outline point by point
a. A few different ways of doing this
i. Justice Alito opined that_.
ii. While Alito's position was_, Justice Breyer believed that_.
b. Or you could outline with the 3 prongs of the Lemon Test and explain why the court rejected the test
6) Each Paragraph should have a specific point, and be one specific idea.
7) Stay organized with each thought.
8) Write
a. First- Thesis statement- otherwise you're not aiming at a target and you will be all over the place
b. Second- Outline- break down your statement- what are the points you need to make to get to your statement
c. Third- Flesh out your outline with draft paragraphs
d. Correct/ proof/ make sure each paragraph is hitting the target
e. When you are done, TFIEN write your introduction and conclusion.
i. Have someone else read your paper
ii. Is it coherent?
iii. Does it contain grammatical errors or run on sentences?
iv. Does it hit the target?
v. You should go through several rough drafts
9) Bibliography:
a. Chicago Style Citation and MLA are fine.


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Death Penalty in Supreme Court
Supreme Court is the court that makes final decisions and solves cases that other junior courts cannot handle. It is the highest court in the federal judiciary in the United States and has appellate jurisdiction under federal law over all state courts. It has the power to decide on cases within the law, and it cannot decide on non-justiciable political questions (Hochkammer & William, 65-84). However, among the facts that the Supreme Court solves is the death penalty. The death penalty occurs when a crime is committed, and the defendant found guilty of a significant offense.

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