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Chemical Composition of Cells (Essay Sample)

In the upcoming Chemical Composition of Cells lab exercise, you will test foods for their starch and lipid content. Other tests include proteins and sugars but because of the chemical nature of the testing reagents, this could not be performed in the home. There are tons of diets on the market that claim to be the best way to lose weight. Some propose high protein or low carbohydrates. Some say do away with fats or proteins all together. Even vegetarians get a little of each substance in their diet. True, diets with high carbohydrates, starches, and fats are not very good for you. Starches and fats take longer to break down in the body and are usually stored as fat in tissue and used only when needed. But, if you don't exercise, these substances will never be needed so they'll just keep accumulating in the tissues. For this topic, discuss why you think it's important to understand the chemical components/nutritional value (protein, carbohydrate, lipid) of foods. Remember that the body breaks down these components into substances that cells need to remain viable. What do you think would be a good diet? Which food substances do you think would contain high proteins? High carbohydrates? High starches? High lipids? source..

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(January 25, 2012)
Chemical Composition of Cells
Nutrition can be defined as the way in which animals of all nature provide the necessary materials to the body for the support of life and prevent disease failure to which they would die. It is right to state that a person is what they eat because they are then able to be in a position to control certain diseases that are deficiency related such as scurvy, bow legs or kwashiorkor.
It is important to know the various chemical components and their nutritional value of food so that one can be in a position to maintain a balanced diet. This is because the human body is composed of various components which are water, carbohydrates, proteins all which are ingested and are also constituent of various elements which are all ingested, digested, absorbed and ...
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