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Title Market Outlook for Satellite and Launch Vehicle Manufacturers (Essay Sample)

1. Paper proposal and outline – HW 3 This assignment is designed for the students to research on a topic (discussed below) and to prepare a proposal for the term paper. The proposal and outline should ensure that the final paper reviews the main literature pertaining to the topic and that the paper is organized in a clear fashion. HW 3 consists of three parts, preferably written on separate pages. - Detailed outline (min. 1 page) - Proposal (1 page, single spaced – minimum of 500 words) - Reference list: a minimum of 5 references must be included. Please download the attached template and type your proposal using the template format. Do not forget to add your name, email address, student ID #, and session (MW11, MW5, TR11, FR11...) on top of the first page (HW3_Template.doc). The first page of the template will be used by your instructors to grade and write comments on your paper . Detailed outline : The detailed outline of the paper describes how the paper is organized with respect to a particular topic. An example of a generic outline is included below: - Abstract - Introduction (Chapter 1) - Chapter 2 o Sect. 2.1 o Sect. 2.2, etc. - Chapter 3, etc. o ... - Conclusion - References The main body of the paper should be organized in Chapters 2, 3, … each discussing a distinct part as needed. The number of chapters and how they are organized mainly depend on the topic. If necessary, suggestions will be made when the outline is reviewed and returned to students. Chapter titles, section and sub-section titles must be included Proposal: The proposal part should reflect the information contained in the outline in a narrative form. It should discuss each of the points in the outline. For example, the proposal should start with one or several sentences introducing the topic, followed by one or several sentences discussing why the topic being researched is important, etc. It should be a minimum of one single-spaced page (10 to 12-pt. font size), i.e. 500 words or more. Submission and feedback: Make sure to include your name, SID, and session (e.g. MW11, TR11, etc.) typed on the top of your HW within the word processor. The assignment is to be turned in class. It is then returned to students with corrections and suggestions. Students should carefully consider these corrections and suggestions in preparing the next draft of their papers. To ensure that the students have implemented the corrections and suggestions, students must attach HW 3 to the draft of the paper they submit for HW 4. Click here for a sample HW 3 . 2. Draft of paper (HW 4) In order to ensure that the final paper is of quality and that the students have appropriate feedback before submission of the final version, a draft the full paper (at least 3000 words ) must be submitted for review. General characteristics of the paper are discussed below in order to prepare the draft accordingly. The draft must be based on the outline which was turned in for HW 3 (after revising it with any given feedback), and which now becomes the paper table of contents (TOC). In this draft, students write details of the different sections. References must be cited in the text. Also, chapter/section titles and subtitles that are in the TOC must be present in the text. The only part not required until the Final Paper is the abstract. The graded HW 3 must be attached to the draft. In summary, HW 4 includes: - "Grade sheet" attached by Faculty to the HW 3 for feedback - Draft of the full paper (at least 3000 words) including: o Title page with title of topic, your name, your SID, and section nb. (e.g. MW 2) o Table of contents (TOC) based on (revised) outline of HW 3 o Introduction (Chapter 1) o Chapters 2, 3... o Conclusion o References - Original proposal and outline (HW 3) with grade and our comments. Summary of additional requirements for HW 4: - All references MUST be cited in the text in a consistent fashion. Students may choose the format for citing references (e.g. with a nb. such as (Ref. 2) and the details of Ref. 2 would appear in the Reference page at the end of the paper), as long as it is consistent throughout the paper. - The TOC contains only titles and subtitles, no narration - These titles and subtitles must be repeated in the text at the appropriate place. For example, the ENGR 370I course contents is organized in this fashion. To ensure ample feedback and the quality of the final paper, this draft will be graded and returned to students. 3. Final paper (due Finals week) Based on the feedback provided in HW 4, the final paper is then submitted. The following must be turned in for this assignment: - "Grade sheet" attached by Faculty to the original HW 3 for feedback - Final paper: o Cover page o Abstract o Table of contents based on the (revised) outline. o Introduction (chap. 1) o Other chapters (chap. 2, 3, etc.) – main body o Conclusion o References - Original proposal and outline with our comments and grade (HW 3) - Draft of paper with our comments and grade (HW 4) The abstract is a half-page summary of the paper. It should be self contained (no references), should summarize what is discussed in the paper, and should focus on the main conclusions of the paper. Please note the difference between an abstract and an introduction : - An abstract is a self-contained summary, i.e. it should contain the main conclusions of the paper/study. - An introduction places the topic in the broader context and leads the reader to the beginning of your detailed description without revealing the conclusions contained therein. The various sections should be linked with one another in a clear and organized fashion, and should follow the revised outline. The text should be free of any grammatical and spelling errors. The paper should have a cover page containing the title of the paper, the student name and SID, as well as the class section (e.g. MW 2). The final paper must be at least 3000 words. Again, the bibliography (min. of 5 references) should be clearly referenced in the text, e.g. with numbers. Also, chapter/section titles and subtitles that are in the TOC must be in the text. For more details on assessment criteria, click here . The original proposal and outline with our comments as well as the revised version, and the draft with our comments must be attached to the final paper. Note that even if the student got a perfect score for HW 4, the Final Paper MUST be REPRINTED and turned in along with other documents. 4. Topic of research paper The research paper topic must be an interdisciplinary subject relating Astronautics and either (1) science, (2) business or economics, or (3), engineering or technology. Emphasis should be placed on the interdisciplinary nature of the topic. You must choose one of the topics listed below in any of the following categories (failure to select a topic from the list below will result in a 0 grade for HW 3 ): (1) Science and Astronautics - One of the following space exploration missions with emphasis on their scientific experiments and discoveries. o Deep space 1 o Mars Global Surveyor o Stardust o Ulysses o Voyager Interstellar Mission - Not the original Voyager Mission! o Deep Impact o New Horizons o Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter o Dawn Mission o Phoenix Mission - Or one of the following Earth observation programs with emphasis on scientific aspects o Ocean topography experiment o Shuttle Radar topography mission - Or one of the following Earth and Space bound Telescopes o Hubble Space Telescope with emphasis on instrumentation and scientific discoveries o Spitzer Space Telescope o Recent discovering of planets outside the Solar System using telescopes (2) Engineering and Technological Development related to Astronautics. - New types of Rocket propulsion: electric or nuclear - Not using the conventional mono-, bi-, or solid propellants - Future requirements for communication satellites - Microgravity science experiments such as growth of crystals in the microgravity environment and their applications in medicine, manufacturing, etc. - Specialized software for space missions and spacecraft - Development of new Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism (3) Business and Economics - Commercial applications of technologies and materials developed for space applications - Possible Commercial applications of microgravity such as manufacturing. - Current market outlook for space business for commercial satellites, or launch vehicles - Note the "or" - Not both - Management of complex space projects: ISS - Focus should be on the management between various participants, not the ISS itself - Development of new Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism source..
First & Last Name: John SmithSemester: Fall 2011
Email Address:
SID #: xxxxxxx
Section (e.g. TR 11): MW12:30, MW3:30 or TR11





Approved Topic


Cover page


Title Market Outlook for Satellite and Launch Vehicle Manufacturers




Detailed Outline




Proposal (500 words ~1 pg.)

Full paper (3000 words ~10 pg.)

Full paper (3000 words ~10 pg.)


References (min 5)

References (min 5)

References (min 5)



Hw3 attached

Hw3 attached




Hw4 attached

Contents and Organization:




Purpose clearly stated




Logical flow








Titles and subtitles before sections




Supporting Material




Appropriate refs.




Refs. Cited in text























Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract: PAGEREF _Toc307322656 \h 31.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc307322657 \h 42.0 Deep Space 1 PAGEREF _Toc307322658 \h 5DS1 Specifications PAGEREF _Toc307322659 \h 5DS1`s Shape PAGEREF _Toc307322660 \h 5Solar panels PAGEREF _Toc307322661 \h 5The Engine PAGEREF _Toc307322662 \h 6New Technologies on DS1 PAGEREF _Toc307322663 \h 6Ion energy and solar concentrator PAGEREF _Toc307322664 \h 6Concentrated multifunctional structures PAGEREF _Toc307322665 \h 73.0 DS1 Mission Profile PAGEREF _Toc307322666 \h 7Launch date PAGEREF _Toc307322667 \h 7Manufacturing of DS1 PAGEREF _Toc307322668 \h 8Mission`s success PAGEREF _Toc307322669 \h 8The Rescue Mission PAGEREF _Toc307322670 \h 10The Encounter PAGEREF _Toc307322671 \h 114.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc307322672 \h 135.0 References PAGEREF _Toc307322673 \h 17
Science and Astronautics: Deep Space 1
This paper intends to explore the mission commissioned by NASA on a very low budget but in the end produced more than was anticipated. Technology plays an important role in the life that we are living today. In a quest to explore what happens in space NASA produced high risk gadgets that it wanted to test how they will perform while in the space. ...
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