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Yersinia Pestis and the Black Death (Essay Sample)

Need 2- 3 articles, along with articles emailed to me. Also need 5 sections as follows: 1) Start your report with the basic information as listed below. Some article may not have all this information. Give what you can. -Title of Article -source (Journal, date, magazine, publisher etc.) -Author 2) Make a clear simple statement in a few sentences of what kind of article it is. Some articles are general reviews of information on a particular topic, some are reports on new research, and some are social commentary. the title may not make it clear what kind of article you have chosen, so make a clear statement of that information 3) The main part of the report should be a simple summary of what the report covers. No need for lots of details; remember it is a summary, not a retelling of everything. DO NOT REWORD THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. Make it clear that you understand the point of the article. (Does it answer a question or explain something? Does it speculate about the future? What is the theme?) 4) Write a short paragraph about the relationship of the article to Pathophysiology. (If you can't do this part, Choose a different article!) 5) Give your personal response to the article. did you, PERSONALLY, learn anything new from it? How convincing was the information? Do you think the data were meaningful and reliable or not very good? Were graphs, diagrams or data tables easy to understand or confusion? Would you recommend the article to others? Who and why? EXPLAIN THE REASONS FOR YOUR OPINION. source..

Bubonic plague
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Yersinia Pestis and the Black Death
The main article in review throughout the course of this paper is "A draft genome of Yersinia Pestis from victims of the Black Death;. The main author of this article was Johannes Kranes but it has featured other authors as well. They include Sarah Schmedes,D. Ann Herring, Peter Bauer, Hendrik N. Poinar, Nicholas Waglechner, Matthias Meyer, Brian K. Coombes, Joseph B. McPhee, James Wood, David J. D. Earn, Verena J. Schuenemann, G. Brian Golding, Sharon N. DeWitte, and Hernán A. Burbano. The main aim of the article is to look at the advancements that have been made with regards to technology and the manner in which these advancements have influenced the field of genetics. The article was published on the 12th of October in 2011. It was posted in - the international weekly article of science. (Krause, 2011)
The article is a medical information document in nature. It looks at the different field of medicine such as genetics and the impact of technology on the medical field. The article is specific with regards to the topic it addresses. It looks at the history of the gene at the center of the study and the various changes that have taken place with regards to this specific gene. The title makes it clear on what is being investigated and the entire course of the article maintains the main topic brought about by the title of the article. The main aim of the entire article is to look at the draft genome of Yers...
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