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Water Properties Discussion (Essay Sample)

Relate the properties of water to everyday life. Discuss a few of these questions: How do temperatures fluctuate in land-locked areas of the country versus coastal regions? How does sweating help us regulate our body temperature? Why do we feel more comfortable on hot, dry days rather than hot, humid days? (If the summer temperature is the same in Arizona and Louisiana, why do we feel hotter in Louisiana? Would we be less at risk for dehydration in one of these areas?) What would happen to aquatic life if the density of ice were greater than that of liquid water? How would this affect terrestrial organisms? Be sure to write your own original comments, read at least twenty of your colleague's entries and respond to at least two of them. source..

Coastal regions of a country experience ocean currents which carry masses of cool or warm air. The coastal areas temperature is therefore determined by whether the ocean currents are warm or cool. The coastal regions have a low range of temperature fluctuation unlike the landlocked regions.
Sweating helps in regulating body temperature as it acts as a coolant on the skin. On a hot day or during a vigorous physical activity, the blood vessels lie just beneath the skin. The blood carries with it the body temperature and by helping vaporize the sweat the body becomes cool.
The cooling effect of the body is felt when the body is able to vaporize the sweat on the body`s skin. On a hot and dry day, the body is able to vaporize the sweat as it should, however, on a hot and humid day, the body temperature will definitely make one sweat but the humidity will hinder effective vaporization of the sweat. Thus, one feels hot but the body cannot cool itself and therefore the uncomfortable state.One will feel hotter in Louisiana because of the humid conditions it experiences. This region is mainly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, Arizona experiences hot and dry summers. One may therefore be at risk to dehydrate at Arizona.
If the density of ice was greater than that of liquid water, this would upset the aquatic ecosystem. The aquatic ecosystem has a r...
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