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A Challenge to Berkeley's Empiricism (Essay Sample)

Instruction is attach. The text we are using is: Rachels, J, & Rachels, S (2008). The Truth about the World. New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Further Instruction This is a Philosophy class essay. Phil 100. Introductoin to Philosophy. This is an original essay there is no need to reference material from any other source than the text that I have provided. It should be in the simplest of language no big vocabularies please. Plain and simple english,because it is a freshman essay not a senior. If you cannot find the text please let me kno ASAP. We will see what we can do about it. Thanks. source..
A Challenge to Berkeley’s Empiricism
Anything in existence can be perceived and conceived by anyone but something that is not perceivable cannot be conceived. We only experience those matters or substances that we see in real world, something not within our vicinity is not conceptual and therefore it does not exist. We can only evaluate and bring out a distinction between several or various objects because we are able to see them, identify them and comprehend whatever they are. Things that intrigue our minds most are those that we see, we have seen but those not conceived by anyone at any place we regard them un-conceptual (Rachels, 2008). Berkeley’s empiricism lacks merit since things that exist are the fundamentals for ideas of things to come and therefore through thoughts and thought evaluation we can mold or create new substances hence new objects.
There are also things that exist but do not have areal physical experience or touch; the gravitational forces that pulls objects towards the centre of the earth, the up-thrust forces in liquids, the centrifugal and centripetal forces are real and can be experienced without seeing them. The dynamics and diversities of creation are beyond conception and perception and we can not rely on Berkeley’s analysis that we only know what we experience. For instance, when an aircraft takes off from the run way we can not see the forces that are pushing it into the space. Similarly, a ship sailing on the Pacific Ocean, no one can perceive or conceptualize what makes the huge masses of metals and cargo to float on water. Berkeley’s theories are irrelevant and have no substantial ground to claim the argument (Rachels, 2008).
The business world is so vast with many unseen but practical forces that drive the market activities. For example, the demand say for a commodity on the market can not be seen physically and yet consumers and suppliers do experience it. The company’s reputation say in taking up social responsibilities, earns it goodwill which is a very critical asset that aids it in making more profits and returns. Goodwill is not conceptual or perceivable to the human eye but exis...
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