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psychology/case study on Lady Gaga (Essay Sample)

Task Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: Case study: 700–1,000 words; 2 analytical frameworks: 350–700 words each; 250-word summary Points Possible: 100 Due Date: 1/30/2012 11:59:59 PM CT Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. Part A: Case Study By now, you should have a nice case study prepared on your chosen subject. This biographical sketch should be approximately 3–5 pages and should include his or her background, education, key experiences, career story, personal and family life, and those things that made him or her famous or outstanding enough to be an object for your learning. This week, submit your case study. Part B: Personality Select 2 of the multiple aspects of personality and analyze your subject in terms of how a theory could be used to interpret his or her life. Complete the following: Write as if you are the psychologist, framing your interpretation of the behavior in terms of the particular personality theory you espouse, which could be one of the following: psychoanalytic trait theory biological approach humanistic learning theory You may even choose one theorist, such as Freud, Adler, or Erikson, as your framework. Compare how the different theories explain the same behaviors. Whatever frameworks you choose, imagine what the MBTI type would be of your subject and how this is expressed in his or her choices and actions. Address such psychological aspects as: motivation human needs development upbringing culture intelligence psychosocial development mental health emotional development What can you conclude about the usefulness of psychological theories to explain and deepen your understanding of personality and other factors that determine behavior? If you have selected yourself, proceed using the same criteria. source..
PSYCHOLOGY: CASE STUDY ON LADY GAGA Name: Course: Professor Name: (January 27, 2012) Case Study on Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in March 1986 and is well identified by her stage name as Lady Gaga which refers to the song "Radio Ga-Ga" by Queen; or the nick name Mother Monster. Her parents are Cynthia, a telecommunication assistant and Joseph Germanotta who worked as an internet entrepreneur. She trained on how the piano is played when she was 4 years, put her foremost keyboard ballad in writing while she was 13 years and started to present at open mic when she was 14 years (Biography for Lady Gaga, 2010). When Gaga was a teenager she began to write songs and to play open mic nights in Manhattan at clubs and in high school she presented in several musicals and staged plays. She schooled with Paris Hilton and she is among the twenty to get admitted to New York University in Tisch School of Arts at the age of seventeen. She briefly dropped out of school to pursue her life as an artist. Lady Gaga became famous when she released her album "The Fame" in 2008 and sold 15 million copies and over all over the globe. The album had the songs "Poker Face;, "Just Dance" and "Bad Romance" which were great hits worldwide and this got her nominated for six Grammy awards and a slay of additional honors credit considering nominations for the 13 MTV Video Music Award record set and two wins. In addition to that Mother Monster is the first musician to ever have four of her songs from a debut album as first time hit songs. She is as well the only musician in the digital period to crown the 5 million auctions score with her opening two hits. The videos she has online are viewed by 1,300,000 people and above and she is a great fan of world social networking (Biography for Lady Gaga, 2010). More than 9.5 million people on Twitter are Gaga`s fans and 35 million and above like her on the "Facebook" social network. Lady Gaga has released several albums to mention "Born This Way" which she released in May 2011 and the first track that sold very fast to millions of copies was titled Born This Way. It was debuted at the pinnacle on iTunes in more than 14 nations like in US and was the first...
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