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Comparing cell parts to a city (Essay Sample)

endoplasm reticulum = hospital golgi complex = jail vacuoles = bus vesicles = cars nucleus = city hall nucleolus = mayor cytoplasm = general streets chloroplasts = grocery store ribosome = construction smooth ER = janitors rough ER = couriers lysosome = military personnel mitochondria = electricity cytoskeleton = highway *each small paragraph must have a description of the function and it compared to the city apparatus given above. source..

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(15, September, 2011)
Life Sciences: Comparing Cell Parts to a City
Endoplasm Reticulum has similar functions as a hospital in a city. Its main function in a cell is to facilitate protein folding and transportation of the same. A hospital plays a role of medication by ensuring that patients are treated to be healthy once again. Endoplasm Reticulum transports most of the biochemical compounds to be used inside or outside the cells as. It also regulates amino acids for keeping the cells healthy just the way a hospital ensures that patients remain health.
In comparison of golgi complex and jail in the city is that Golgi Complex plays the role of sorting and modifying the cell macromolecules. A jail plays the role rehabilitating criminals or those who do not respect law and order. Golgi Complex modifies the proteins and place them where they are meant to be, it packages and clearly indicate where they should be to ensure that there is orderliness just like the way jail does buy retaining those who disobey lay and order for the rest of the people to live in peace.
Vacuoles is being compared to a bus. Vacuoles, is an enclosed compartment just like a bus. A bus is used to transport people within a city and ensure that they move to their desired destination. Therefore, Vacuoles in a cell it encloses water in the cell and waste products as well to maintain the internal pH of the cells. Just as bus transports people in the city Vacuoles is used to transport substances which are not wanted in the cell outside.
Vesicles is a membrane which is enclosed in a sack for transporting substances as well and it sometime serves as a store. In comparison of a car and Vesicles they play the same role of transportation. A car transports people within a city while vesicles transport substances in a cell. Vesicles has several coats to protect the protein which is being transported inside. Cars do also have protective cover to protect whatever it’s being transported.
Nucleus plays the role of controlling the contents in the cell. This is a similar role which is played by city hall within a city. Nucleus controls the gene expression and mediation of DNA replication. Nucleus also controls processes at each side of the nuclear membrane to ensure that it control the production of certain enzymes depending on what is required for regulations. City hall plays the role of infrastructure and development which is done in the city by granting rules and approval on what should be done and what should not be done.
Nucleolus is being compared to a mayor who rules and the overseer at city hall. Nucleolus is the main component of nucleus as the mayor is the ruler in at city hall. Nucleolus controls the main structures of the cell components such as ...
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